Plumlee Participates in ROTC Ceremony

Marshall Plumlee participated in his contracting ceremony in front of his teammates and coaches.

DURHAM, N.C. -- Prior to today’s men’s basketball practice, junior center Marshall Plumlee participated in his contracting ceremony in front of his teammates and coaching staff in Cameron Indoor Stadium. The ceremony included Plumlee signing his Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) contract. An important step in a cadet’s career, the signing of the contract admits Plumlee to the Advanced Course, a component of cadet command which allows Plumlee to work toward becoming an officer in the United States Army.

“This is a tremendous honor,” Plumlee said. “I’m extremely proud to be joining the United States Army. I’m already blessed to be a part of Duke basketball, a great team, and now I’m excited to be joining another great team. It’s an honor, a blessing, and I couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by my teammates, coaches and staff, as well as the cadre here from the Blue Devil Eagle battalion, just supporting me and making this all possible.”

During the contracting ceremony, Lt. Col. Keirya Langkamp, who presided over the event, credited Plumlee’s character, competence and exemplary leadership skills, as important factors in determining whether Plumlee warranted consideration for admittance into the next stage of his military career. Langkamp also highlighted Plumlee’s selfless nature, showcased through numerous community service projects, as an additional character trait that aligned with the values of the Army.

“This is a pretty historical moment,” Langkamp. “Things like this don’t happen very often. It’s magical when you get someone of [Plumlee’s] caliber, that’s part of such an extraordinary team, the Duke basketball team. He’s already part of an amazing group of men. Now he’s part of something bigger.”

Prior to signing his contract and reciting his enlistment oath today, Plumlee completed two years of Duke’s Army ROTC Basic Course, laying the foundation, from both a physical and mental standpoint, for his future involvement in the program. Plumlee’s excellent time management also garnered the attention of Langkamp.

“He really has three very time consuming areas,” Langkamp said. “That’s what makes him extraordinary. He’s able to create balance with both being a scholar, an athlete and a soldier. That’s rare, to be able to have that stamina, intellect and sheer drive to be able to pursue and excel in all three of those areas. He is taking the road less taken. And he’s ready for it.”

Plumlee is scheduled to attend a camp this summer to begin honing employable leadership skills as an Army officer. Plumlee is scheduled to decide whether he will join the Army’s active duty or the Army’s reserves. In the spring, Plumlee’s final semester at Duke, he will continue to participate in leadership building programs.

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