Four star PG recaps Duke visit

He recently reclassified into the class of 2016 and then he transferred from Martinsville (Va.) Carlisle and is now attending Montverde (Fla.) Academy. Over the weekend four star point guard Blake Harris visited Duke and met with the coaches. Here’s what they discussed and Harris’ reaction to what’s on the table at this time…

How’s your high school season been going? How are you adjusting to Montverde?

Blake Harris: It’s going well. It’s really different because there’s not a lot of individual work with the team, there’s a lot of schoolwork and it’s a lot harder. It’s just a lot different.

How has it been different for you?

Practice is a lot harder, it’s a lot more like a college where everything is on the run. We don’t really do individual work, and that’s been a change. School wise it’s a lot harder, everything is done with technology instead of pen and paper.

How is the program there helping you grow-on and off the court?

I guess by getting you ready for college.

What position do you have there with the team?

Right now I’ve been playing the one mainly.

  When you get to college Blake—are you trying to play the lead point guard role or are you hoping to play more of a combo guard type role?

In college I want to be like a combo, but right now I’m more a one because that’s what the team needs. I try not to just go one on one with my team. In college I want to play more like a combo.

For some guys who want to play a combo guard role in college—they look to either play or go into college with a pass first lead point guard? Is that what you are hoping to do, or are you hoping to be the main lead guard wherever you go?

Yeah I think I could do that if that’s what’s needed. It’s fine with me if a school wants to bring me in with a point guard.

How is Montverde helping you with your recruiting process?

I’m doing it all on my own, when I first went to 2016 there were a lot of coaches talking to me and my coaches then helped me. But then at Montverde, they let me handle it.

You mentioned reclassifying to 2016, can you shed some light on what motivated you to want to move from 2017 to 2016?

I did it because that’s what Montverde said I had to do, so I did it. I don’t know, I’m thinking about actually trying to go back to 2017 because I went back to 2016 because that’s what they said to do.

Just to follow up on that—you are indicating  that Montverde was the one who recommended that you reclassify to 2016 when you got there and now you are considering moving back to 2017, is that correct?

Well the reason I think they wanted me to go to 2016 was because they didn’t want any problems with numbers with the team, but I reclassified my freshman year, so I guess they wanted me at that spot that I moved to.

What for you were the reasons that made you comfortable with the idea of reclassifying to 2016 when you transferred to Montverde?

Well I had no choice I think. I had to do it so I just did since there was no option. I was doing better in 2017 I think.

How firm a decision do you think it is for you that you are going to going back to the 2017 class?

It’s a possibility.

With it being a possibility for you that you are evaluating—what do you think is going to go into your decision whether to go back to 2017 or to stay in 2016?

Probably my parents, my family.

How are your parents and family advising you with this? Are they recommending you stay in 16 or go back to 2017 at this point?

I’m not really sure yet.

From your opinion—do you think it’s a better situation for you to go back to 2017?

In 2017 I have more notoriety than I do in 2016. I was ranked highly in 2017, but now in 2016 I’m not ranked as highly I think.

Did you notice any change in how any schools were recruiting you after you reclassified to 2016 from how they were recruiting you when you were in the 2017 class?

Well a lot of the schools offered, they tell me they wanted me in 2017, they liked me in 2016 too. They said they wouldn’t have any problem with me in 16 if I stayed in 16.

Has there been any schools who have indicated that they may not have room for you in 2016 as they did in 2017?

I haven’t heard of that, none of the coaches have said that.

Have you sought any input/advice from college coaches reference your potential plans to go back to the 2017 class?

I haven’t really done that yet.

Do you have a timeline in place yet as to when you are hoping to decide whether you are going back to 2017 or staying in 2016? Or is it still too early for that?

Not really.

Switching gears, I saw you visited Duke yesterday—how did the visit go?

I went to the Notre Dame game, met with the managers and assistant coaches and players before the game. I was there with me, my brother and my dad and we saw some of the coaches before the game. Then we sat down for the game and then after the game, we went back to talk to all the coaches, Coach K, everybody.

What did you guys discuss with all the coaches after the game when you met?

They were just talking about keep doing what you are doing, they are going to keep watching me. They wanted to talk about basketball, they have interest. They told me how they felt about me.

Did you or your family have any questions for the coaches when you met with them?

We talked about the game, but I just let me parents talk who were talking more about the life there at Duke and basketball. We also looked at what Nike gave Coach K for the 1000 wins. I didn’t really talk too much.

What did they share with you about the recruiting situation and how they feel about you?

They told me that they have offered two point guards already, and they talked about how Dennis and Derryck have offers and they talked about how they just want me to keep getting bigger and that they were going to watch me this summer.

Has there been any point in Duke talking with you that they have indicated they might be interested down the road of granting a scholarship offer to you?

They didn’t really say that but they did say that they like how I play and they are still going to look at me the same.

If you reclassify back to 2017—do you think that will affect how you feel about any schools recruiting you?

If I do, I think it may be better because I may have more offers.

  Going to visit Duke this weekend—was that the coaches who invited you to come for the visit?

I’m not sure, my brother set it up, but the coaches had been saying that if I’m in town, they would love to have me come for the game. They went on a 43-7 run which was crazy. Tyus Jones was really good in the backcourt.

Do you have any other visits lined up soon?

No I don’t.

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