Nation's Best SF On Campus For Official Visit

Saturday’s game against Syracuse will not only feature two high major programs on the court, but also one of the best players in high school basketball sitting behind the Duke bench as Jayson Tatum makes his official visit to Durham.


Jayson Tatum
6-foot-8, 195 pounds
Small Forward

Analysis: Possessing an advanced skill set for a high school junior - and even relative to other high major prospects - Tatum is known for attacking the basket and scoring from the midrange as well. He’s got somewhat inconsistent range out to the NBA three point line, though that’s an area where is game is clearly evolving and improving. On the glass the five star forward is a good rebounder from the wing and could play either forward position at the college level without much issue.

Recruiting: Tatum has announced a group of 10 finalists consisting of Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Wake Forest, Connecticut and hometown Saint Louis.

The visit to Duke is the first official visit of his allotted five. He spoke with TDD exclusively about that after making the visit announcement.

“I think it’s the opportunity presented itself, and I wanted to do it then. I guess they were the first who really wanted me to take that official visit first. Out of all the schools they were the only one who were trying to get me there for a visit as soon as possible.”

The Blue Devils, of course, are pointing to players with similar skill sets to Tatum such as Luol Deng, Grant Hill, and Mike Dunleavy when projecting a potential role for the five star.

“We’ve talked about how they plan to use me if I were to attend their school, and what other guys that are or were big time guys are doing or have done, and how they have excelled at their program. I understand that I would have to work for everything at Duke, but I would definitely be involved in the offense and I’d be able to display my talents and try to help the team.”

LINK: Tatum Discusses Visit to Duke

Tatum says he wants to have a decision out of the way before November so he “can enjoy my senior year”.

Also of note, Tatum has developed a close relationship with Harry Giles through their mutual participation with Team USA’s youth programs. The two five star forwards roomed together this summer in Dubai. And while the Internet has clung to the idea of Tatum and Giles being a package deal, it sounds as if that’s not the case.

“It’s on and off that we talk about it, but it’s not official or anything. It’s just a possibility, but it’s not something we talk about every day.”

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