Elijah Deveaux Recaps Duke Spring Game

He’s long been committed (and that’s not changing), but visiting his future home never gets old for Charlotte area running back Elijah Deveaux. The three star prospect was on campus again on Saturday to take in the Spring Game while also chatting up his fellow recruits.

“I got there a little before practice and had a chance to sit down and talk a little bit with Coach Boyette,” said Charlotte Christian School standout Elijah Deveaux. “This was actually my first time seeing practice, which was really good for me. Seeing how fast things were moving and seeing it broadcast on ESPN was great.”

The speed of the Blue Devil practices is something that is often commented on by various attendees, but for Deveaux it was also a bit eye-opening.

“It’s absolutely a wake up call. They actually had to slow it down a little bit for the ESPN crew. It’s really something you have to see, those guys don’t even have to do conditioning because everything is so fast paced and guys are flying around the field from one drill to the next.”

More specifically, the three star running back had a chance to zero in on his future teammates and position-specific workouts run by Coach Boyette. It was something he enjoyed watching and it’s safe to say that the next member of the group is looking forward to joining in.

“I got to see how the stable works. Seeing guys like Shaun Wilson and Jela Duncan getting back really gives them different style of backs who can all contribute in different ways. I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can bring to the stable and add to it.”

Joining Deveaux on the sideline were several committed recruits and others who are still taking in the process.

“For me it was my first time meeting Mark Birmingham in person. I knew Scott Bracey and Antone Williams, and we keep up with each other quite a lot, but I hadn’t met Mark in person yet. It was good to finally meet him. We also talked with several of the guys who are being recruiting and were working on them as well.”

Anyone in particular?

“The linebacker from Scotland County, Jonathan Smith…we’re really working on him. He’s visited as much as I have, so we were kind of wondering when he was going to commit. We talked with some other guys there as well. We’re looking forward to adding the right guys to the class.”

The right kind of guy and player is something that has been discussed with several of the committed players already both amongst themselves and with the various Duke coaches. That kind of input has, according to Deveaux, allowed the recruits to take some ownership of their futures in Durham.

“When I sat down with Coach Cutcliffe this weekend…he’s always sharing some wisdom, which is great … this week he was telling me that he trusts my word and and he’s so happy to have me as part of Duke. He’s ready to get me up here as well. He also talked about having the right mindset and having the right kind of guys. Our class isn’t going to be some 25 or 30 man group…we’re looking for 16, 17, or maybe 18 guys to come in and to keep building here.”

And speaking of building, this trip to Durham allowed the future Blue Devil to witness the building going on in Wallace Wade Stadium.

“It was really cool to see all the changes. They took us up in the new renovated coaches’ offices and showed us the plans for the finished stadium. It’ll be all done by the time our class gets to campus in 2016, which is great. We’re looking forward to that, and it’s really perfect timing. Also, we’re going to Notre Dame my freshman year which is a big opportunity for Duke. I don’t know when the last time Duke went to Notre Dame with a chance to win was, so it’ll be a great experience for all of us. I’m very excited to get started.”

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