Blue Devils Going In For Local PF?

Jay Huff grew up with a high level of familiarity with the Blue Devils, and now he's a Top-100 recruit in the strong class of 2016. With skill set that has been sought in Durham for many years, what are the chances the four star power forward will stay home?


Name: Jay Huff
Vitals: 6-foot-10, 180 pounds
School: Durham (N.C.) Voyager

Analysis: Huff’s primary skill is easy enough to spot and doesn’t require great competition. He’s an excellent perimeter shooter for a big man, and on top of that he handles well, is a solid passer and does score on some post-ups. His jump shot is smooth, if a little slow on the release, but his release and follow through don’t look like that of the average big guy. - Rob Harrington

“Defensively I like to block a lot of shots and I have the timing down so that I can. A lot of times I won’t necessarily guard the strongest player on the court so I can help off more if somebody decides to drive so I can block the shot. I tend to guard people more who tend to play down in the post so that that way I can stay closer to the basket so I can guard for blocked shots.” - Huff on himself

“One of my favorite moves is catching it, faking spinning to the middle and then spinning to the baseline for the reverse, as well as turnaround jumpshots, I enjoy those and I’ve been working recently on hook shots and jump hooks. I like to shoot from the outside and drive as well.” -Huff



It’s very early, but several high majors have come calling including Duke and Virginia along with Notre Dame, Wake Forest, and Clemson. The Blue Devils are the most recent big time program to get involved and dispatched head coach Mike Krzyzewski to watch Huff in action. Soon after that visit, the four star forward returned the favor and visited Duke unofficially for the game against Wake Forest. Following Duke’s blow out victory, Huff and his family sat down with Coach K, Coach Scheyer, and Coach James to discuss the player and his recruitment as he outlined here.

Notable: Huff will likely not play organized summer ball as part of the traditional AAU circuit. His biggest need in the development cycle is to add weight and strength which he’s best suited to obtain by staying home and working on a regimented program. However, it’s likely Huff will show up a few times at various camps or events on his own.

Quotable: “Coach K walks into the gym and everybody took notice and parents started walking up to him, they didn’t harass him or anything like that which that was the main thing I would say I was nervous about was if people walked up to him like, “Coach K, Coach K”, so that was really cool and I think some of the parents thought it was pretty cool too.” - Jay Huff on K’s in person evaluation


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