EYBL Hampton: Udoka Azubuike Interview

Over the last year there have been many names associated with the Duke recruiting board in the class of 2016. One such player is four star big man Udoka Azubuike out of Jacksonville, Florida. Since we profiled him last season things have picked up in his recruitment…but is Duke still interested?

How’s your season been going Udoka?

My season has been going well, my high school season, we won nationals.

You are playing alongside Wendell Carter with the Georgia Stars this year—what’s that like for you?

That’s been great because he’s just a great player, and a great kid. I feel like privileged playing with him because he understands the game. He knows how to keep the pressure off me because people will double us and he makes the game so much easier for me. I want to play with someone in college who is really up there like me.

How’s recruiting been going for you?

It’s been going good. I don’t talk to the schools too much though. I know I talk to Kansas and Kentucky a lot and they came to my school recently. Also I talked to themm Florida, Florida State, North Carolina, and Connecticut..all are really good schools.

Last year you had some interest from Duke and North Carolina, have both programs kept up the communication with you since then?

Yeah UNC they’ve been talking to my coach and stuff, but with Duke…I don’t really know about Duke, I haven’t heard from them in a long time and they don’t contact me personally. They talk to my parents every now and then via text every few months but we haven’t heard from them recently. The contact with them isn’t like with other schools. Or like it was.

Where do you see your recruiting process heading in the future?

I’m thinking about narrowing the list down to like 5 schools, we will see about that.

What schools do you think for sure are likely to make the Top 5?

I don’t know yet, I like some schools but I don’t want to go there right now.

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