EYBL Hampton: Zach Brown Interview

Rated as the nation’s No. 2 center prospect in the class of 2017, 6-foot-11, 230 pound sophomore center Zach Brown has his pick of early high major interest. We sat down with the five star prospect to discuss that and much more at the Nike EYBL event in Hampton.

You mentioned you are doing MMA training, Zach, what got you into that?

Actually I saw my dad doing it and he was getting so much into shape, so I wanted to do it too. From there we started doing it together.

You are Top 10 in the country in your class, did you ever imagine looking back you would be where you already are as a player?

Actually no, not at all. I never even thought about being in the game of basketball. I had actually first started playing basketball with my dad and then with the man who is my guardian now, we sat down and talked about basketball for hours. He taught me about the game and now I like it.

What helped you develop the your current skill set?

My dad trained me when i was younger, but now I have more trainers as well. One is a former UCONN player and I also went to Miami Beach and they taught me a few things there as well.

Have there been any teams in college or the NBA that you have enjoyed watching as you took up basketball?

Not really, I’ve enjoyed watching every team.

When you get to college Zach are you hoping to play a power forward role or do you want to be a center?

I’m hoping to be a center. I like to power guys off the ball and use my strength and my size. That was the first thing that I was ever taught how to be was a center, so that’s what I love to do. I love banging inside, that’s what I love and that’s what I do.

From what you have seen of the college level—who do you think does a good job with players like you?

I’m going to say Duke with Okafor. It was my first year watching them. They are good, they made it to the top. 

Do you know if Duke has contacted you at all?

Oh I don’t know, my coach handles all of the recruiting.

Are you taking any visits over the summer?

I don’t even know about that stuff yet.

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