EYBL Hampton: Michael Porter, Jr.

One of the top players in the class of 2017 is five star small forward Michael Porter. Considered the nation’s best small forward in the class, Porter is beginning to host a ton of high major recruiting interest. We spoke with him about that, his game, and more at the EYBL event in Hampton.

How are you handling all the attention coming your way?

Not every player is in the position that I’m in, so I just want to enjoy it. I’m going to enjoy the process and with all the attention I try not to focus too much on it and get big-headed, I just try to stay humble and I know that people still tell me how great I am but I know I’m not nearly as great as I could be and I still have a lot to work on to become who I could be.

Did you ever imagine you would end up with the level of ability and recruiting attention that you already have?

Yeah I imagined it for sure, and I always had a goal of being one of the top players in the country and that’s still my goal. I’m trying to get that number 1 spot and I’m going to keep working.

When did that vision first start for you?

It started in fifth grade with my AAU team the Hoosiers, it was real competitive in what was my first really competitive team and I saw I had a chance to play in the 5th grade, and it’s been my dream ever since.

With the level of ability that you have comes the recruiting attention that you already have…what’s your approach to the recruiting process?

I mean yeah it’s awesome having these schools after you, but I haven’t cut down my list or anything like that yet. I’m just focused on basketball, I’m going to worry about that stuff later.

Do you know at this point what schools have given you a formal scholarship offer?

I got a list somewhere but I couldn’t even name all of them, but my dad has told me that I have interest from these schools like Mizzou, Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, Wichita State, Washington, Villanova, there’s a list but that’s off the top my head.

How much of the recruiting process are you handling yourself at this point?

My dad’s been through the process before so he’s a great resource to use, he really helps me through it.

You mentioned Duke and North Carolina as potential offers—do you know when they presented those offers?

It was my dad who told me that they had offered me, it wasn’t in person, I don’t even know what the timetable is with that.

What are your thoughts on Duke and North Carolina?

They are great schools, great places to go. Every school is a great place to go though, so it’s just a matter of finding what’s the best fit for you. I still have two years to go before I even go to college. 

Are there any college coaches that you make it a priority to stay in contact with?

Yeah my godfather Lorenzo Romar from Washington, he’s my godfather, and I talk to him quite often.

Do you talk with Coach Romar more from a family related perspective or a recruiting related perspective?

It’s both, he comes to the house sometimes, him and my dad are like best friends, so I talk with him like a friend, and a mentor sometimes and sometimes I talk to him like a coach.

How much does that relationship weigh into your recruiting process if it does at all?

Yeah it’s cool, I don’t have any pressure to go there from my family, we’re really close.

Going back to Duke and North Carolina—how much do you or your family members communicate with them?

I talked with them a few times but my dad has talked with them a lot more than me. I haven’t talked to the head coaches there, just the assistants and I see them at my games.

Any visits lined up for this spring or summer?

Nothing really since it’s the busy time of year, I’ll probably get out somewhere eventually, but I don’t have any visits planned at this point.

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