EYBL Hampton: D.J. Harvey

As one of the top wing players in the country, 2017’s D.J. Harvey has the usual college hoops power programs pursuing him early on. Duke’s been in contact and we spoke with him about that, his overall recruitment, his game, and much more.

So there’s some new faces this year on Team Takeover, what are your thoughts on that?

D.J. Harvey: Oh I love it, playing with VJ and everybody else, everybody is playing well together and any of us can have a game of our lives and anybody can come out and play. Everybody plays together and it’s going to be a good year for us.

What are your thoughts being a 2017 kid playing up with the 17U Team Takeover group?

It’s completely different than high school basketball. That’s the main reason why I decided to play up was to play the best AAU teams in the country and I felt like I could get better by playing against that level of kids that are better than me.

Playing up in 17U means an increased level of interest from college coaches in you I’m sure, what schools have you noticed making an effort to contact you and watch you play?

Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Miami, NC State, Duke, Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee and some others.

Which schools have communicated to you that you have a firm, committable scholarship offer from them?

Most of them, Arizona, NC State, Miami, Oklahoma State, Texas, Tennessee, Houston, Memphis, Georgetown, there’s some others that I can’t remember.

Which programs have you had the opportunity to visit at this point DJ?

Really not that many since my 8th grade year, but we are trying to change that in the near future. Basketball has kept us busy.

You mentioned Duke has been showing some interest—when did their recruitment start of you and how has the communication been with them so far?

Since Christ School but it wasn’t as heavy then as it is now, but they have been there and they talk to my coach mostly every day by asking how I’m doing and how I’m getting better. I’m blessed to have such interest from Duke.

Which coaches have been contacting your coach from the Duke staff?

Coach K, Coach James told me that when they called and that they are recruiting me and Coach Calipari had also called and come to one of our open gyms, so that was a big deal for me too. He said he’d be back to watch me again and that he loves my game and to keep working.

Has anybody from the Duke staff ever indicate they may offer a scholarship offer down the line?

  No, they haven’t, but I’m hoping they will be in the near future. Duke’s a great school, they are coming off the National Championship, Coach K’s a great coach and it’s an overall great program.

From a fit perspective in college DJ—what’s a potential match for you on and off the court?

Up tempo style, how many players do they have in the League right now and what their history is with guys going into the NBA. I want to be a 2 or 3, kinda scorer. We don’t have a plan right now, just stay focused and enjoy the process.

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