EYBL Hampton: Troy Brown, Jr.

Troy Brown, Jr. has already been offered a Duke scholarship - picking it up early in his sophomore season. Since that time the five star prospect has continued to expand his game while entertaining a ton of high major interest. So where do things stand as he begins the summer circuit? We sat down with him at the EYBL event in Hampton for the latest.

I noticed you talking a lot on the court tonight—where does that on court approach to talk like that come from?

Troy Brown, Jr.: I was just out there trying to be a leader, I’ve always tried to do that in talking to my teammates. Coach Peck is always telling us to talk on the court, so I try to talk as much as possible so I can make my guys feel comfortable.

Do you have any programs that are pitching you to not just play an exclusive point guard role but also an off the ball role as well?

Mostly they are recruiting me to be a point because I facilitate the ball a lot.

What are your thoughts on if a program were to bring you in either at the same time or in the class before you with another point guard?

That’s not really a problem because I can normally adjust to playing with different kinds of players, I can play the 2 or the 1, either way.

For some guys like you who have received some scholarship offers really early on in their recruitment—that can play a big role in their decision making process down the line. How do you see it affecting you with these offers that you already have?

I will take it into consideration if a school offers me early it may get them ahead a little bit but at the same time I’m not going to make my decision just on who offered me the earliest.

Separate from the schools who have offered you, are there any schools that either are or aren’t recruiting you that you hope to one day have a formal offer from?

Well you have the big time schools like Connecticut, Kentucky, schools like that but I don’t really think about that stuff right now, i just play my game and let things come to me.

You mentioned the Duke offer earlier to another question—what has the process been like with them so far? How was the offer presented?

Well the way it all happened was I was at the CP3 Camp down in North Carolina and then me and my coach our flight didn’t take off until later so he asked me if I wanted to take a visit to Duke and we decided to go over and visit. I really wasn’t expecting them to offer, so Coach K walked in and we were talking for like an hour or so and then he told me that he wanted to offer me. That really showed me how much my hard work had been paying off.

Has Duke been building a relationship with your family or coaches since that unofficial visit?

They have come to my practices, but I haven’t heard from them much since. They are a great program with a great coach and they put a lot of guys in the NBA.

Are you taking any visits anywhere now that your school year is coming to a close relatively soon?

I haven’t really been busy talking with coaches or planning visits.

Do you have anybody in high school that you are hoping to maybe play with in college?

Some of the USA guys i’ve played with we have talked about it but not anything serious, of course you talk about it and with guys like Jalek Felton committing to UNC of course people will talk about that, but nobody is taking it really seriously. 

Is there a possibility of you reclassifying up a year?

During my 8th grade year and going into my 9th grade year my dad kinda thought about it but it was never really serious and we never took it into serious consideration, he just kinda mentioned it because it was a big thing at the time. After that we never talked about it again. I’m pretty happy where I am.

What has the reciting process been like for your family so far?

Of course they appreciate it especially with me being so young already having offers to go to school for free, but it doesn’t phase them, they just take it as a blessing and keep moving.

How do they feel about the potential distance of the some of the potential college options for you that are away from home?

They never really said anything about it, they just tell me to go where my heart tells me to go. of course they want me to stay close so it might be easier for them to come see me, but they never really say don’t go far away.

Do you think you will lean heavily on how your parents feel about a school, or will it be more based on your own thought process towards schools?

Of course they are family, of course I will take their feelings into consideration but if I feel like a school is the best fit for me, I will of course sit down with my dad and talk with him about why I feel that way and try to figure out where I’m going to go. I would say my dad has the most influence on me with that stuff.

What’s the ideal timeframe for you in your mind to do the major things players do in their recruitment with narrowing the list down, taking visits, making a decision, etc?

My dad he’s a big team guy, he always tells me to be a team guy so he always tells me to keep playing and keep giving opportunity for coaches to come see me and my teammates play. But if I know where I’m going my junior year or when the time is right, it may be my senior year, we’ll see.

Some guys need a lot of unofficial and official visits to make their decisions while others don’t. Where do you fall in that spectrum Troy?

Of course I want to make sure that where I’m going is the place that’s right for me. I would say I don’t think I need a lot of visits, knowing how the coach talks to me and the environment of the school is important.

With you having taken unofricials already to Duke and Kansas, do you consider it vital that you take official visits to those two programs?

I would say that unofficial visits and officials are two totally different things, when I was down there at Kansas it was for their Late Night event, so I was down there with Zimm and Jaylen Brown while they were there for their experiences, so I would like to have my own experience because when I go to an unofficial like that, i’m more distant, you see the game but I don’t really get to see what the whole program and school is really all about.

What’s important information for you that you think you need to learn from the coaches recruiting you Troy?

I would say what do I need to do to play at the next level and to be a point guard and how to listen to my coach and to be able to build that relationship with my coach because I have to be the teacher on the court.

Guys of your ability have the decision oftentimes to make once they are in college of whether to go pro after a year or stay longer. What’s your thought process towards that?

Seeing right now my take on it is seeing some of these guys go early, they aren’t really experienced college wise, they are just thinking about the money. I would like to stay and develop my game as much as possible and then when the time comes I would look at that, but I haven’t really thought about being a one year guy or anything like that.

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