Giles Maintains Even Approach On Recruiting

The nation’s top ranked player in the class of 2016 continues to progress through the recruiting process with a who’s who of the nation’s elite programs in pursuit. We had a chance to speak with Harry Giles recently about that and more.

Beginning his final AAU summer circuit and the first healthy one in two years, Harry Giles is ready to take on the nation’s elite while maintaining his status as the top prospect in the country.

During the first session of the Nike EYBL session in Hampton (Va.), Giles lead his CP3 team to a perfect 4-0 record while averaging 14 points and 10 rebounds per game. Shortly after the second game, he spoke with TDD about the ins and outs of the recruiting process.

Has the recruiting process lost some of its appeal after being engaged at such a high level?

Giles: No, not really. You just take it as it comes and you have to enjoy it because it’s a blessing that not very many people get to experience. Right now I’m just taking my time with it all.

When you get past the recruiting process and start searching for information from these programs, what kind of questions are you asking?

Really, that’s something that is personal for me and my family. We’re keeping that private.

Speaking of the family aspect of this decision, do you or your family have a preference when it comes to distance from home?

It is what it is, really. This is going to be the next chapter in my life and we look at it like that. [My family] wants me to do what I want to do. They are going to support me in whatever I decide to do. Distance won’t be a factor.

Is there an approach or structure you try to adhere to when it comes to the recruiting process?

No, not really. We talk [with the coaches] whenever we can.

Is there anyone you try to make an effort to stay in contact with during the process?

I talk with all of the coaches at this point. If they are a school that’s on my list, I’ve put them on the list for a reason, and because of that I try to keep up with everyone on that list.

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