One on one with Rodney Miller

One of the newest targets on the Duke recruiting radar in the class of 2016 is Oak Hill Academy center Rodney Miller. We sat down with the 6-foot-11, four star prospect recently to get the scoop on the recent Blue Devil contact and interest.

Duke has been getting involved with you lately we’ve heard…who from their staff has contacted you?

Rodney Miller: I have been talking with Nate James a little bit. He’s been trying to get me to come down to campus and to go through their process. He’s also talked with my coach and with my mom as well. That’s pretty much it so far.

In general, what are your impressions of the Duke program?

It’s a great program. You can seem that in how they play and how they won the national title this year. It was amazing. We have some alumni from Oak Hill that went to Duke with Quinn Cook and Nolan Smith. They are just a great, great program. I mean everyone wants to go to Duke, right?

Have you ever talked with Cook or Smith about Duke?

We haven’t really talked about Duke, but I have seen them around. It’s been good to have that connection.

Can you give us some of your background with basketball?

I started playing basketball around the sixth grade. I played with Riverside Hawks originally and then I ended up with the New York Lightning. I went to ST Benedict’s Prep in New Jersey my freshman year and then went to Oak Hill Academy and have been there for two years. I’m a junior now about to be a senior.

With your recruitment, have you developed a timeline you’d like to follow?

I’m not waiting for things to happen. I’m just trying to select what’s best for me and figure that out because all of these colleges are amazing. To even have the opportunity to go to college is beautiful, and I’m just trying to do what’s best for me.

With Duke showing some interest and with you starting to figure out where your process is ultimately heading, do they stand to make your final list based on where things are now with their recruitment of you?

Definitely, they are a great program and I would love to play for Duke. It’s closer to Oak Hill and also Virginia and North Carolina, but right now I’m not too sure.

Do you have any upcoming visits planned?

I’m taking a visit to Miami if it all works out sometime in May. That’s it for right now.

Do you think you are likely to make your college decision during the early signing period in November?

I can’t say that right now because I’m not sure right now, I’m still trying to figure out this whole process right now.

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