Sans Brace, Harry Giles Is Dominating

The nation's top player in the class of 2016 talks about putting his injury behind him for good after dominating at the third session of the EYBL.

Houston -- Coming off of a dominant weekend at the third session of the EYBL in Houston, Class of 2016 forward Harry Giles looked like a serious candidate to stay at No. 1 in the class. currently has Giles at No. 1, and at 6-foot-10, Giles was simply dominant for Team CP3 in Houston. Along with a talented group around him, Giles has helped lead the team to an 11-1 start. One important factor of Giles playing so well this spring has been the removal of his knee brace, as he's now playing without it during grassroots season after suffering a torn ACL over a year ago.

Giles wore the knee brace during high school season at Wesleyan Christian Academy and is playing without it in the EYBL.

"It's been going good. Just trying to get better each day. Just trying to get used to playing without a brace," Giles told TDD. "Getting back in the flow. It's my last summer, so I'm trying to go hard and give it my all."

Playing without the knee brace again has been rewarding for Giles and he's starting to get more confident after the full recovery from injury.

"Since the season started with AAU I've been playing without it. I feel free, like I'm back to normal. Without the brace it's good," Giles said. "I feel good right now."

Suffering the knee injury was something that changed Giles and the way he approached certain things within the game. He had to make adjustments and start watching how certain things unfolded to protect himself. As a forward playing around the rim, play can get physical for Giles and he's doing his best to learn to avoid injury.

"Most definitely. You just have to watch how people hit you. That's something I've had to learn over time," Giles said. "At the same time, I had to get used to it.

"It's basically starting over from the beginning without thinking about it."

As for this spring, Giles has looked dominant at times as he has averaged 17.1 points and a league-leading 10.5 rebounds per game. In spring basketball, the focus is to still stay in the gym and get better.

"Honestly [I'm working on] everything but mostly my jump shot," Giles said.

Giles has shown a bit of a jumper this spring, hitting 30 percent of his 3-point tries but he's only attempted 13 shots from the perimeter.

As for recruiting, Giles cut his list in February and the Blue Devils are in the thick of things. No visits have been set yet for the five-star forward and he's taking his time with things right now.

"Not right now, I'll let everyone know when it happens," Giles said of the visits.

Giles views himself as a versatile forward who can play both forward spots if asked to do so. He's trying to find a future college that caters to a his focus on the court.

"Just comfort. Somewhere where I'm going to excel at and be at my best at. Where I'll be the most productive at," Giles said.

In recent years, package deals in recruiting have become a big focus. There has been some talk of Giles teaming up with St. Louis Eagles wing Jayson Tatum at the next level. Giles downplayed the potential match with Tatum.

"I talk to Jayson about it. But we go into it and we have to make the same decision that's best for us [as individuals]," Giles said.

In 11 games with Team CP3, Giles is shooting 51 percent from the field and averaging 1.3 assists, 1.1 steals a 1 block per game as well this spring. Team CP3 is looking like a major contender at Peach Jam with its strong start through the first three sessions.

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