One on one with Harry Giles

The Blue Devils are pursuing the nation’s top overall player in the class of 2016. So what kind of relationship does Harry Giles have with the Duke coaching staff, other top rising seniors, and how does that factor into his decision making process? We have the latest here.

How did the USA practices go for you

Harry Giles It was really good, have to work hard because it’s really tough, everybody is competing to make the team. 

What’s it been like for you matching up with the college players in camp?

Pretty good, just trying to get better because these guys are stronger from being in college and they play more aggressively than most high school guys do. It’s most definitely a learning experience, I’ve just been trying to learn and add to my game.

Which matchup have you learned the most from player wise?

It’s not an individual person like that for me, it’s more just learning from everybody because they all do different things and they make you do different things as a player to compete.

Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum both discussed how much they enjoy competing together in this camp with you—how far back does that friendship go?

It goes back a little while to around when we were 13 or 14 years old with playing together, then over the years it’s grown stronger as we’ve all taken off and gotten better as players and competed together and won gold medals together. 

How valid is the conjecture that you three could player together in college?

The potential is there, but you never know because it all matters who we have on our lists and we have to each find the right fit and the right place for each of us.

As a player—do you think Josh and Jayson will play different roles or positions in college?

I think there’s some similarities between them but they are more different. Josh he’s more athletic than Jayson is and Josh is skilled but Jayson is probably a little more skilled than he is. Josh has the skill and the athleticism part, but Jayson he plays different and he has skill and athleticism, but he just plays different and dribbles different from Josh. They are both different I’d say.

Does seeing Jayson inch closer to his decision time next month affect what your thought process is towards your decision making timeframe?

No, I’ve gotta make my decision when I’m ready to make mine, just like everybody else has to make theirs when they are ready. I can’t pick my school based off where somebody else decides they want to go to there, I gotta pick it for myself. Whenever I’m ready to decide is when I’m ready, there’s no timetable, it could be tomorrow or another day, it’s just whenever I’m ready is when my parents say I can make my decision.

Do you view it as important that you take a lot of official visits before making your decision, or is that not as important in your decision making process?

I don’t know if I need to, but I want to haha. Just try to see some things that I haven’t seen before.

Like what?

  See how the everyday life is like on campus. 

How much are you talking with current or former players from the programs recruiting you to get a sense of what they experienced on campus?

Yeah for sure, it’s really important to do that because you have to have that honest feedback about what it’s like. 

Do you mind if I ask you about the validity of a report that it’s possible that attending Oak Hill this upcoming school year?

There’s nothing right now with that, it’s been something that’s a possibility before.

If it does progress for you as a serious option—when is the anticipated decision date for you to decide to transfer there?

I really don’t know because I don’t know if it’s going to happen. You have to think about whether it’s worth it or not, i’m thinking about it but my school is also just fine, we have good players, it’s a good school. I think I’m fine in whatever situation I’m in and of course it could be an advantage  with the players they bring in, but it could also be an advantage or disadvantage. 

Jayson mentioned in our earlier interview that Duke’s communication with him is still as strong, how is it for you?

It’s the same, strong…really strong. Pretty much almost every day I talk with them. I talk with Coach Capel all the time.

What you have learned about Coach Capel the person as your relationship as progressed with him?

The relationship with him is pretty good, I’ve known him since my freshman year when he first started recruiting me. I’ve got a real good relationship with him.

How do you feel about the potential situation at Duke for you as a person and player?

All the schools recruiting me are good situations to be honest including Duke. I’m just trying to figure out my best fit.

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