NBA Top 100: Porter Talks Duke Interest

Michael Porter, one of the top players in the class of 2017 says he's very high on Duke after the Blue Devils have upped their recruiting interest of late.

How much has Duke reached out to you since June 15th?

Michael Porter: I talked to Coach K yesterday for a really long time, he reassured me that I had an offer and everything and we had a really good, long conversation. I texted with their assistant coach since June 15, they have been pretty involved. That was my first time talking with Coach K.

Outside of the “recruiting talk”, what did your conversation with Coach K touch on?

We really just talked about me as a person and how he sees me as a person and a player and how he would really love to coach me. He feels like I would really grow as a person and a player if I went to Duke.

What are your thoughts on how Duke plays as a program and how they utilize/develop players like you?

I loved Duke. Players go there and they get better for the next level. I really, really like Duke and I watched almost every single one of their games last season. I really like them.

Your Mokan Elite teammate Trae Young is going to Duke for a visit this weekend after this camp, are you potentially joining him on that trip?

Yeah, yeah, I’m thinking about going down with him for that visit for sure.

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