Trae Young Ready To Visit Duke

He could be the heir apparent to Derryck Thornton as Duke’s next preferred point guard, and that’s exactly why 2017’s Trae Young is planning to visit Durham on Sunday after the NBA Top 100 Camp. He spoke with TDD about those plans and much more on Wednesday night.

So how’s your last few days been with all the recruiting calls?

Trae Young: It’s been crazy, i’ve had calls from Duke, Arizona, all of the schools recruiting me, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Arizona, UCLA, those are just some of the schools that have talked to me.

I noticed you were on Oklahoma’s campus recently—how did the visit go?

Yeah I was at their team camp with my high school team. It was fun.

What’s the relationship like with the Oklahoma staff? How far back does it go?

It goes way back, I’ve been in Norman my whole life. Throughout middle school and high school I’ve had close contact with them. 

What’s the relationship like with the Oklahoma staff now that your overall recruitment has kinda blown up?

Yeah, it’s just a blessing to do this, i’m enjoying it and i’m definitely counting my blessings. It’s fun and the hard work has definitely paid off. 

Which programs were you really excited to hear from when they called you on the 15th and after?

Well of course I was excited about all of them. With Duke texting at night and calling that night, schools like that, Duke, Arizona, UCLA, Oklahoma, all those schools, Texas, it’s just been fun.

What’s the situation with this Duke up until this point in their recruitment of you?

I’ll be visiting this Sunday actually, it’s going to be fun. We talk quite a bit, just trying to stay in close contact. Coach Scheyer, Coach Capel, just all of them, they’ve been texting me and I’ve had close contact with them since the Lexington EYBL event, after the live period. 

Was that visit setup at your request or the coaching staff’s request?

It was the coaches request, they wanted to get me on campus soon because they knew I’d be down here for NBA Camp. They really tried to work that out.

What has Duke indicated to you and your family regarding the possibility of a scholarship offer?

They compare me to a guy like Tyus Jones who just went into the draft. They reminded me that they offered him after he finished his sophomore summer, so they have just been comparing me and him.

Are you expecting or hoping for an offer this weekend when you visit Duke?

I’m not expecting anything, I know it’s going to be fun. I go in with an open mind about it and I know I have a lot to work on, a lot to get better at. I’m not expecting anything, I’m just going in with an open mind.

How do you think you see yourself reacting if the Duke offer comes on the visit?

I mean it would be truly a blessing to be able to talk to a legendary coach, Coach K. Not a lot is better than that. Duke speaks for itself but I’m not someone who will just commit on the spot, it’ll be a family decision.

Speaking of it being a family process, what’s the plan if at all for the timeline of your recruiting process?

  I haven’t set a time or date yet but I would like to start looking at committing right before my senior year of high school but a lot can happen between now and then. I could fall in love with a school and commit then, or I could wait. There’s a lot that can happen and I’m just looking forward to everything.

Who do you think does a good job with guards like you from watching them play?

There’s been a lot of schools. Schools like Duke, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona offered me a scholarship and their nickname is Point Guard U. That speaks for itself. I don’t have any favorites right now, I know i’m mentioning Duke a lot, but I don’t have anybody that’s a favorite right now. I’m going to take the process slowly, listen to everybody, but like I said, Duke speaks for itself.

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