Marques Bolden Thinking Of Visits

He’s the most recent offer in the class of 2016, earning the nod in the last two weeks. So what does the nation’s top rated center think of the Blue Devils’ recruiting efforts? We sat down with Marques Bolden to get the latest.

How’s the first few days of camp been going for you?

Marques Bolden: It’s been pretty good, I’ve already learned a lot and I’ve only been here for like a day and a half. You learn so much information from previous NBA players that are here. My coach, Josh Howard, I’ve been talking to a lot since he’s our coach, been getting a lot of insight from him and he’s been telling me about what’s going on. He tells me like what the writers like and what I need to be doing and how I can show myself to be a better man.

I saw the recent influx of new offers…what are your thoughts on how the recruiting process is unfolding for you lately?

Yeah I’ve been talking it over a lot with my parents but I haven’t made any decisions yet or cut anything, I’m pretty much open to anybody.

Were there any programs that extended a scholarship offer to you that surprised you?

It’s always good to get scholarship offers from top schools like Duke, Kentucky and Kansas. Those are pretty prestigious programs, but there hasn’t been any scholarship offers that I received that I was surprised by because I’ve been working pretty hard.

You mentioned that North Carolina, Duke, Baylor and Texas have been reaching out a lot, what is the thought process towards that level of interest, and how has each program’s pitch been unique from each other?

Yeah the only ones that really stood out were Duke and North Carolina because of the way they do things. They don’t just recruit anybody, and they’ve been telling me about the success they had in the past.

So was it just the fact that it’s Duke and North Carolina that made them stand out to you, or was it something that each program said that caused that feeling for you?

It’s more than just a name. The coaches that have been there have been around longer than I’ve been living so it’d be great to go there and learn from schools like that.

Do you have any visits lined up at this point?

Yeah I plan to visit schools like Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, and I also plan to visit Duke sometime too. I don’t have any set dates because of all the camps and tournaments. We just have to really find what’s really convenient for my parents to be able to get off work, but we’ve talked a lot about doing a visit. 

What’s your thoughts on how Duke and North Carolina utilize and develop their bigs?

Yeah I see a big difference there because Duke has had more successful bigs and with people at my position. I think their development is a little better than North Carolina’s so I think the way they develop their bigs is pretty unique.

How so?

The way they get them stronger and more prepared to play at the highest level instead of just being a college player. They make them way smarter and stronger too.

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