One on one with Gary Trent, Jr

One of the newest offers in the class of 2017 is high scoring two guard Gary Trent, Jr. We caught up with him to discuss the newest developments in his recruitment, where Duke factors in, and more.

You just won the gold medal with your USA Basketball Team—how did it feel?

Gary Trent, Jr.: Oh man it felt great, there’s no other feeling like it. We went there with one goal and we did it, so I’m very happy. 

Was that your first time going overseas?

I’ve actually been over to Athens, Greece when my dad played over there. 

What was the cultural experience like for you with this new country?

It was pretty good, I went into it thinking it was going to be very warm but it was actually the wintertime when we went there, so everything was very, very cold but I still enjoyed myself. 

Did the Duke offer surprise you?

No, not really. I knew if I just played hard that I would get a lot of offers this summer, so that’s what I did and that’s what happened.

Do you feel like there’s been a huge jump in communication between you and Duke?

You could say that because when it all started they were coming to a few of my games and then after that it got more and more after that.

What’s your dad’s thoughts on your recruiting process with him being a former player?

He thinks it’s great. He just keeps motivating me to play hard because if I play hard, great things will happen.

What’s your friendship like with Wendell Carter, Jr?

Yeah he’s a great guy, we even talked about maybe going to college together in a couple of years. We have a really good relationship.

What is it about Wendell that makes you want to discuss going to college together?

Oh man just how dominant he is. He’s a force in the paint and he’s really hard to deal with. You really have a great opportunity at winning a National Championship with him on your team. I saw a blueprint with Tyus with his package deal for how that worked for him, so hopefully it’ll work for me. 

How has Duke described their vision of utilizing and developing you as a player if you were to go there?

We haven’t really gotten that deep in the conversation yet. 

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