Top 2017 Prospect Claims A Duke Offer

The top big man in the class of 2017 is claiming a very recent Duke offer. We sat down with five star center Deandre Ayton to discuss that offer and much more.

The top big man in the class of 2017 is claiming a very recent Duke offer. We sat down with five star center DeAndre Ayton to discuss that offer and much more. Standing 6-foot-11, San Diego (Calif.) Balboa City School standout Deandre Ayton is a special talent. Rated as the best player in the class of 2017 by, Ayton has begun to rack up a number o high major offers. This week he’s claimed to have picked up one from Duke. We spoke with him about that and more in a one on one interview.

There was a report earlier that Duke may have offered a scholarship to you—can you confirm that?

Deandre Ayton: Yeah Duke did. I haven’t talked with Duke, however. My coach told me. He said they are really interested in me and they were confirming the offer, so was Kentucky

Was that the first time that you had ever heard that Duke was interested in you?

Yeah it was like 2 days ago.

What are your thoughts on Duke as a program?

Yeah I like them, I just want to see what they do with their bigs. 

Were you tracking Duke and how they used their bigs in the past?

Yeah, in the past and in the present with Okafor. They did all right with him but he could have done more like, like he could have been more athletic. I’m an athletic big, I’m like a stretch four, I don’t like to be in the post that much.

Are you and your coach planning any visits?

We don’t got that on our minds, we’ll just take as many as we can and show my ability.

Guys of your caliber often have the one and done route available to them—is that something you are considering?

I really don’t know that yet. I want to see what happens and how things go because I’m going to need something to fall back on if I don’t make it to the League. That’s my desire to go pro, but I don’t know if it will happen.

Watching college teams play—who do you think does a good job with players like you in their systems?

Coach K and Kentucky, for sure. Kentucky and Duke do a great job with their bigs. Just those two, that’s it.

Some guys in the recent past like Mudiay and Brandon Jennings have gone the overseas route after high school instead of college—is that an option you are potentially considering?

Not really, the way I grew up especially in the United States—education is first. You gotta have something to fall back on in case basketball doesn’t work out. I just gotta clear my mind and we’ll see because I just got off a patella injury, that really got me thinking like the last two or three months about what am I going to fall back on if I have a serious injury. 

You’ve mentioned that you have talked with some of the programs that have called you, but you haven’t talked with Duke…

It’s just that I didn’t have time, I was in the airport and there were many people trying to call us.

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