Vanderbilt Seeks Offers from Duke/UK

One of the most impressive prospects in the class of 2017 is Houston (Tex.) area big man Jarred Vanderbilt. The five star power forward prospect caught up with TDD this week at the NBA Top 100 Camp to discuss recruiting and why he wants a Duke offer.

You mentioned Kentucky hasn’t offered a scholarship yet Jarred, has there been any other programs that are showing interest in you but who haven’t offered yet?

Jarred Vanderbilt: Yeah Duke, they’ve shown interest a lot lately, but they haven’t offered. Pretty much all the rest of them have offered though.


It’s been Coach K and Coach Capel. I haven’t talked with them personally yet, but they have talked with my parents because I was across the country. When I get back home, I’ll start contacting them.

What did your parents say about the interactions so far with Duke?

Yeah they told me he called and that he was interested and stuff but I didn’t talk to them because I was across the country from my parents. They informed me about what they talked about a little bit.

How do see either a Kentucky or Duke or both offer affecting the big picture of your recruitment if they come?

If they both offer that will change my recruitment but I haven’t decided to cut anybody off my list, so everybody is still an option. I’m still waiting on any more offers that may come, I probably won’t cut anything down until my high school basketball season starts. 

Are you likely to do a list cut down before you do any kind of visits?

Well my first cut will probably be like a Top 15 and then I’ll do visits from there. Then I’ll start cutting it down more after. My first cut I’m going to do to see who I even may want to visit. If I’m not that interested in a school, then I’ll cut them.

How much did you and your USA Basketball teammates compare and contrast who called you guys on the 15th?

Oh yeah we were talking about it. Some of us received calls from Duke, Kansas, or a lot of ACC schools. For me it was mostly Big 12 and some ACC schools like I got Duke, Kentucky and others. As we were talking we did notice that we did have some of the same contacts from the same colleges. 

How big a deal is it for you in the grand scheme of things who called you on June 15th?

It’s a big deal to see who actually reached out and took the time to show me that they really want me and that they take interest in me. For them to reach out at 12 or 1 or 2, whenever they called me or texted me, that shows something.

With your initial cut down in the future, do you think there’s any schools that it’s a no-brainer they will be on the list?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but who has been on me the hardest that has offered is Texas, Texas A&M, Kansas, and Duke and Kentucky, but they haven’t offered yet. 

What’s the potential time frame for you and your family where you say that we’re moving on from considering schools who maybe have shown interest but haven’t extended a scholarship offer by that point?

Yeah it is, but I’m not necessarily waiting on these schools, I haven’t even cut down my list of schools yet, I just started talking to the coaches and I haven’t even built a relationship with them yet. Probably towards September, November, that’s when I’ll start cutting things down and I might take a couple visits and meet the coaches personally.

What kind of questions are you and your family going to be asking the coaches now that you personally can talk with them?

I just want to see how they are going to use me. What system are they going to use. How will I be a positive impact for their program and what can I get out of it and what can we mutually get out of it.

Are there any guys either from your USA team or your class in general that you are potentially hoping to play together with in college?

We talked about it, mainly we just joked about it. After the deadline we realized that most of us had the same schools. We talked about it with Wendell Carter, Gary Trent because there were only like 4 of us in my class, the rest of them were 2018. We talked about it, we may sneak into it in the future.

What are your’s and your family’s thought process towards distance from home with your college choice? I’ll go wherever, distance doesn’t have anything to do with my recruitment. I just want to be in a suitable system and program for me. 

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