2017 Big Man Fielding Duke Interest

Duke is looking hard at several bigs in the class of 2017. One of the newest players to pop up on the recruiting board is Pennsylvania center Mohamed Bamba who fielded calls from the Duke coaches this week. He spoke with TDD about that and more.

How have you been liking the Camp so far?

Mohamed Bamba: It’s been alright, it’s a really good experience out here and the talent is just ridiculous. It’d be nice if they would share the ball a little more with the bigs haha.

Even with that—I noticed you playing very active on both ends of the court—what is your approach down there on both ends of the court?

Yeah, it’s all motor stuff. If i’m not going to get the ball in an open court or a half court setting, I’ll just go get the rebound and second chance points. 

When did you first get started playing competitive basketball?

I really started playing when I was 10 sort of. My elementary school just kinda made a team out of nowhere with a bunch of kids that lived in my area. Coach Love came and started the program and we were called the Lions because the founder of our school, I wasn’t playing that much until I saw others be successful and I thought oh, maybe I could do that. 

From watching basketball either in the NBA or college—were there any teams you were drawn to with their style of play?

Not when I first started playing. Lately I’m more into college basketball than pro basketball because college basketball, they aren’t being paid but they are trying to be paid later on. That’s the whole, it’s different, the games are more different in college. 

So with that, which programs have you watched the last few years and who do you think does a good job with players like you in their programs?

This year I watched Villanova a lot, but in previous years, I watched a lot of different teams. 

There’s a report that Duke has expressed some initial interest in you—can you confirm that?

They didn’t reach out to me specifically, but they did talk with my AAU Coach. They spoke to him but I’m not sure how the conversation went. From what I hear they are pretty good. 

Do you have an impression of Duke in general?

Yeah, they are national champions, that’s all I really know and that they really develop their bigs really well.

With style of play on offense and defense—what’s a good fit for you?

Anything fast, I like running fast breaks a lot. Anything in transition, I like getting dunks, getting rebounds, getting out in transition but I can also play in a half court set and play really disciplined, set screens, stuff like that. 

Are you the type of player who feels he needs to come in and play alongside a group of other bigs, or do you lean more towards wanting to go somewhere and play the featured post role?

That’s actually one of my goals being at this Camp is learning how to play with other bigs. Like Nick Richards is on my team here who also has a Kentucky offer and I’m playing by him. 

Which programs who haven’t offered yet are you hoping to have an offer from before your process concludes?

I’m just honestly blessed to get an offer from anyone. 

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