Duke Still Involved For 2017's Ira Lee?

Four star California PF Ira Lee had a good showing this week at the NBA Top 100 Camp. He’s a nam that has been associated with Duke in the past. Are the Blue Devils still pursuing him? We asked about that and more this weekend.

How’s the week of Camp been for you?

Ira Lee: It’s been going pretty well, taken some hard losses but overall we’ve been getting player and I’ve been playing ok. I made a lot of new friends here but I also knew a lot of them from past camps, transition has been pretty well, the sleep difference has been interesting haha.

Speaking of sleep difference, I’m sure you didn’t get much on June 15th—can you update us on who reached out to you?

I mostly let my parents handle those, but I did talk with some of the coaches. 

Which ones did you personally speak with?

I talked to Coach Ollie from UCONN, Miller from Arizona, Shaka Smart. Michigan and Oregon State. My parents I don’t know specifically but I think they basically talked to the same guys and more.

The head coaches that you personally spoke with—did they all extend scholarship offers to you?

Texas offered but the other ones want to see how I play and how my shoulder is since I’m coming off the injury and then we’ll go from there.

There’s a report that Duke has at least reached out—can you confirm?

Yeah Duke is involved, I talked to Duke. The assistant was straightforward with me, we’ll see where that goes. 

From a fit perspective with the way you want to play position wise in college—who do you think does a good job using and developing players like you?

I like Coach Smart from Texas with the way he plays defense and the way he wants to run and go. Coach Miller from Arizona, I like the way they play with they get up and down, they play defense. UCONN, Coach Ollie is a simple guy, he says you are going to play defense and you are going to score, that’s the whole mindset.

What’s the distance consideration with you and your family—is there any relative to your college choice?

I’m fine with it as long as I take care of business my dad trusts me that I can go away from home. I don’t have a problem with distance, I’m open to anybody right now. 

Do you have any visit plans this summer to check out some programs?

Hopefully I can visit Texas after Peach Jam or after Vegas or something like that. I’ll probably take another visit to Arizona and then I’ll probably make a trip up to Cal in July. 

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