CTC Visitor Loves Duke; Hopes For Offer

Xavier Tillman says he's hopeful the Blue Devils will up their recruitment of him soon. Will Duke oblige? We spoke with Tillman about that and the contact he’s had with the reigning national champions of late.

How are you holding up ? Been a long week of camp I’d imagine…

Xavier Tillman: Yeah, it’s good, I’m a little sore but it’s good, it’s good.

Who have been your favorite match ups this week?

I played Udoka last game, he’s tough, he’s real strong, real strong. Him and Miles Bridges, they are both tough because Miles is more the guard type, he’s tall, he’s fast and he can handle the ball too.

For fans who haven’t seen you play—how would you describe your approach on both ends of the court?

Strong motor, great post game, block shots, deflect shots on defense, high IQ player who will see the open man and give it up, team player. Someone who cares about winning a lot.

With that approach I’m sure you watched a lot of programs to see what’s a good fit for that style?

I don’t know yet, to be honest I haven’t looked at colleges’ offenses and modeled them yet after how I want to play yet, but I absolutely will look into that, that’s important. 

Also speaking of colleges—June 15 has come and gone—who did you personally get to speak with?

I got a lot of voicemails because I didn’t take a lot of calls after I turned my ringer off but I got voicemails from Florida, UNLV, North Carolina State, Creighton, DePaul, Cornell, Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Marquette.

Since those voicemails—who have you personally been able to speak with?

I talked Marquette and Michigan State and Michigan like the first day and then DePaul, I texted Cornell. Also I have already visited NC State—so I’ve already talked to them. My mom talked to a lot of programs too and I think she posted it to my Twitter account. She talked to Purdue she said, somebody else as well, I probably retweeted it.

You mentioned wanting an offer from Duke—has there been any contact with them so far?

Yeah, I visited three colleges in one weekend, it was Duke, North Carolina and North Carolina State, I visited all three of them in one weekend. I went to their Midnight Madness and they have some interest there. I talked to Coach K and Nate James called me, I just haven’t called him back yet. 

When you met with Coach K during your time on campus—what was the conversation centered around?

Just about their offense, what they did. They didn’t really discuss how I fit in there, they just discussed what they had at that point and they talked about their offense, their history of guys and their upcoming class then with Jahlil and how they were going to be. I talked to their trainer about different workouts that I could do to get more athletic and more fit and stuff like that. 

What were you impressions of the Duke campus and experience when you were there?

It’s…I mean, I love Duke. I love all schools but Duke is also a high major school that I would love to have interest in me. 

You mentioned Nate James has reached out to you since June 15—has he talked with your mom or dad at this point?

Yeah he talked with my dad, a lot of coaches talk to my dad. He talked to my dad and that’s it.

What’s the family’s though process towards Duke at this point?

To be honest I really didn’t like watching basketball when I was a young age, I just liked playing basketball. 

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