Commitment Profile: Jayson Tatum

Breaking down the newest Blue Devil's game, recruitment, and projection going forward.

Name: Jayson Tatum
Vitals: 6-foot-8, 200 pounds, 6-foot-10.5 wingspan
High School: Chaminade College Prep in St. Louis, MO

Tatum chose Duke over finalists North Carolina, Kentucky, and St. Louis. Other notable offers came from Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio State, Iowa State, Baylor, Kansas, Florida, Illinois, Marquette, and Memphis. Prior to naming his final four in the late spring, Tatum’s final grouping of 10 also included Kansas, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Wake Forest, Connecticut

He made an official visit to Duke (hosted by Jahlil Okafor) in February to see the Blue Devils take on Syracuse. He made multiple unofficial visits to St. Louis.

Tatum has remained a regular at the top of the 2016 recruiting class. Following Harry Giles’ injury a year ago, Tatum moved up to the No.1 overall player in the country before sliding to No. 3 in the latest rankings.

Scouting Reports:
Tatum is one of the elite high school basketball prospects. He has tremendous size for the wing position, has a lengthy set of arms and is a solid all around athlete. Tatum has impressive ball skills, is a good passer and has a terrific overall feel for the game. Scoring wise, he can makes shots out to 22-feet, but he's also effective in isolation situations when he can take defenders off the dribble for mid-range pull-ups or finishes at the rim. -

At 6-8, Tatum boasts wondrous skills for his height. He handles with complete coordination and frequently creates shots off the bounce. He loves to slice into the lane and loft in short jump shots on the move. He changes directions very well and utilizes stop-and-go action proficiently.

He also possesses jump shooting range to 22 feet, but clearly this is an area he can improve this year. Tatum shot just 42 percent from the field for the Eagles last year, including 28 percent on threes. His mechanics don’t look bad, so most likely he simply needs the reps. The fact that he hit 75 percent of his free throws bodes well. - Rob Harrington,

“Really they have said they would put me on the floor in different positions and they are telling me I’d be able to play my game in the flow of the offense. And, I wouldn’t have any restrictions, they would want me to be the player that they are recruiting.” - Jayson Tatum on Duke’s recruiting pitch.

Jabari Parker, for sure, is a guy I like to watch a lot. I watched him play quite a bit and I like the way they used him at Duke. They let him play his game, especially on offense. He was free to make the right decisions on the court.” - Tatum on who he watched during his recruitment

Tatum is close with the nation’s top player, Harry Giles. The two have been roommates each of the last two summers during their commitments to the USA Basketball youth program which have taken them to Greece and Dubai. Both Giles and Tatum have mentioned they would enjoy playing together at the collegiate level as he told’s Sherrell McMillan back in April.

"We talk of course about what schools are both recruiting us but we first both look at it from the perspective of what’s best for each of us so that if Harry feels like he likes one school that’s best for him and I like another that I feel is best for me, then we’ll go our separate ways but if we find a school that fits the both of us and that we feel like we both could do well at, then we could go there."


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