How Involved Is Duke with 2016's Killeya-Jones

Duke was involved early in his recruitment before Sacha Killeya-Jones committed to Virginia. Since that time the four star front court prospect has backed off his pledge to the Cavaliers and is fielding interest from several high majors. Duke has been involved and we spoke with Killeya-Jones about that and more.

You caught a lot of people surprised by your de-commitment awhile back—what went into the decision making process to open it back up?

Sacha Killeya-Jones:

Well, I just felt like for awhile there that maybe I had committed too early so I wanted to open it back up to make sure that Virginia was the right fit for me or if there was a better fit out there from an all around school perspective. This is a decision that you make that is a four year decision that impacts you for the rest of your life, so I had to make sure it was the right decision.

Since then, how’s the communication been with college coaches?

It’s been pretty active, a lot more active than what it was before. Obviously when I committed it had completed stopped, but then the night that I de-committed I heard from a ton of coaches, things have been a lot more hectic than what they were before.

Which programs have contacted you since then?

The first night it was Florida, Kentucky, Georgetown, NC State, and Carolina. Obviously I talked to Virginia earlier in that day as well. Also, Virginia Tech, George Washington, Richmond. There were a couple others that I’m not remembering right now.

Were all of those programs involved in your recruitment prior to you committing to Virginia, or were any new to your recruitment after you de-committed?

Some of them hadn’t been as involved. NC State had been talking to me but they hadn’t offered, Kentucky hadn’t offered, those were some that hadn’t offered that I heard from that first night. They have all offered now and obviously they are big time programs, so it’s obviously exciting when you hear from them.

What’s the visit situation been like since the de-commitment?

I’ve been down UNC a couple times since I was in Chapel Hill. I got to play pickup with the guys down there and I’ve talked to Coach Williams and I’ve gone to Kentucky, those happened in June and obviously with July being a dead period I couldn’t really do any visits in July. I may take more visits in August after talking it over with my parents and seeing what the next steps are.

Which programs are you evaluating for a potential August visit?

Everybody, I don’t have any type of list with that.

Duke’s a program that showed a little bit of interest before you committed to UVA, what if any interest have they expressed since the de-commitment?

Yeah they have. I hear from Nate James. He came and watched me a couple of times in July at the Under Armour Camp and Under Armour Finals. Communication has been pretty open with them, just like any of the other schools, it’s been pretty consistent.

What has Coach James been discussing with you?

He said they were going to keep watching me play and he was going to come see me play in Vegas and they like what I do on the court. They obviously recruited me a little bit before, they’ve just been talking to me about the program and obviously Coach K and how they do things as a program.

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