One on one with Gary Trent, Jr.

He earned an offer in the first evaluation period of the AAU season and has continued to field heavy Blue Devil interest throughout the summer. After several months of speaking with Duke and other high majors, where do things sit with Gary Trent, Jr? We sat down with the five star guard to get the latest.

How have you felt about the spring and summer and how they progressed for you?

Gary Trent, Jr.: It was going great for me with all the hard work I put in, all the long hours I was in the gym, it’s all starting to come together for me and I just need to keep working. It’s been great.

How about all the offers you have received this year—what are your thoughts on that side of things?

Yeah it was great and humbling. When you get offers and you get phone calls from some of the college coaches that are arguably some of the best ever, it really shows that if you keep working hard-good things will happen for you. That’s why I say I have to keep working hard.

There’s a human aspect to getting to know these coaches outside of just interacting with them about scholarship offers. What are some of the things you’ve learned about these coaches?

They are everything that they are cracked up to be. The winning scheme they have, the success they have over the years, the recruits they bring in over the years, it really shows a testament to how great they are at what they do. They have really stacked up with what everybody has said they are about.

How far back does your knowledge of the programs recruiting you go?

The thing I know most is the new era of their recruits, especially the last three or four years. With some universities it really shows just how many back-to-back-to-back great classes they’ve brought in. Obviously players don’t go there for no reason. Players are going there because they want to be there because they feel it gives them the best chance to win a national championship.

With any of the players who came into college before you, have you had a chance to ask them why they may have chose to play in those places?

Not really in a sense, but I just watch basketball from afar and I see a lot of them on TV. I’ve seen them through high school and seen what they have done and then what they were able to do in college.

Have there been certain programs that have caught your attention in regards to the players they were able to bring in the last four years?

Not really no. I’m just looking from afar and I’ve been seeing who they have been able to bring in and who they haven’t brought in and just seeing the success they have had over the years. I’ve just been trying to pay attention to details like that.

How so?

The little details I try to look at is their winning percentages as a program, the type of offense and defense they play, how their success has been over the years—have they been successful or have they not been as successful, those are the types of things I look at.

When you are evaluating a team and how they play offense and defense—what kind of things are you evaluating?

I just watch college basketball and I just see how the different universities play, I just try to see what their scheme is, how their players play especially at the guard spots. No college program is really standing out with that, I just look to see if I can play along with it. I look at players at my position and I see how they play, how they are used in their position.

From a spot/role perspective in college—what’s your desired position?

The position I could see myself being at in college is anywhere between the 1 through 3. I think I can be able to run a little point guard and to be able to run a few plays here and there, but my primary position would be the 2 I would say.

How big a factor is it for you in your evaluation of your fit in the program with how many players they are projected to have at the wing positions currently?

You could say that in a sense because you don’t want to go to a university that doesn’t have a need for you because they already have the position filled that they need you for. You could say in a sense that that will carry into the decision as well because I don’t think anybody would go to a school where they are doing just fine at the position you want to play.

What in your mind is too crowded? Number of players? Number of players projected to be around for a while?

No you just say, like for example if you see a program that has a player that was a freshman while you are going into your last year of high school and then he stays as a sophomore when you are coming in at the position—or it could be another player in your class at the same position that commits to that school and we would have 2 or 3 shooting guards in a sense, then I would say let me see what else and what other options there are at the two guard spot that they could use me.

Have you or your dad or both been asking questions along those lines to the different programs recruiting you?

You could say it’s a little too soon for that, I still have two years of high school left. I’m just really soaking it all up and building relationships and then when the time comes and I learn more about the coaches and their universities and build those friendships, that will factor into all that.

Have there been any players for you in your class or the class ahead of you in 2016 that you say to yourself it’d be really interesting to play with outside of Wendell Carter?

Not really in a sense except for with Wendell. When we were at USA Basketball and we were just talking saying that if we went to the same college or university—it’d be great, we could do something big and we were talking about going to college together potentially.

What’s the communication with Wendell been like since that conversation?

It’s been the same, I’ve seen him at several events including the Nike Global, Nike Skills stuff. We’ve been keeping up with each other and continue to talk, just friendly communication.

But not so much on actively trying to play together—is that a good analysis?

Oh no, we are talking about that—it is active. We would love to play with each other.

Is there a point in the future you think  where you and Wendell say it’s time to make our decision together?

Yeah I’m sure we are going to talk about that once we sit down and talk about what schools would be best for the both of us if we both wanted to go somewhere and have the same success. This fall we were just texting recently that we are going to take some visits together and see what these universities are about.

Any particular programs you and Wendell are honing in on for those visits?

We aren’t sure yet, we haven’t gotten to that point yet—we were just saying that we need to go on some visits this fall. Junior year is going to be very busy, so it’s potentially going to be really hard to take a lot of visits during the school year and during the season especially.

Do you have any programs that you haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet that you feel it’s really important that you visit them before your process is concluded, whenever that is?

I really hope that I can take a visit to every program that has offered me and really believes in me and wants me to come to their program but that’s probably not possible. So I’m really just breaking it down by program and seeing which is the best fit for me in deciding where to visit.

Duke has offered you in the past—since the offer, what’s the communication been like with them?

They text me and check up on me with Coach K and some of the coaches, having communication with them and getting to know them. I’m starting to get a better feel for them while we’re texting each other. It seems like they are really great guys and good coaches and when I start taking visits I’ll be able to get a feel for all of them even better and have those conversations and see what they are about.

Have you seen Coach K at a lot of your games this spring and summer—or more assistants?

I’ve seen him at a lot of my games.

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