Bolden Talks Duke Visit; Recruiting

Five star big man Marques Bolden sat down with TDD to discuss his recent trip to Duke, where he's going next, and what his decision timeframe looks like.

How did the first match-ups go for you today at USA Camp ?

Marques Bolden:  It went pretty good, this was my first time being here, so I’m just trying to learn a lot from the guys who have been here a lot already. We were doing a lot of post moves and different things today—it wasn’t too complicated. It means a lot to be a part of this, I’ve never had the chance to get out here and be a part of this, so it’s cool to be here and represent our country.

Who has been really helpful with that?

Terrance Ferguson and De’Aaron Fox. 

Was there anybody here you were looking forward to either matching up against?

I was just looking to come here and play hard and to have some fun. I wasn’t really looking to try and come in here and do anything other than that.

When talking about recruiting, what is the Bolden camp’s thoughts on process so far?

My family thinks that it’s getting a little much.  They are trying to get me to make my decision and I’m going to make it soon, I just don’t know when. We’re really getting close to making a decision. I don’t have a timeframe in mind yet.

What led you to want to move towards wrapping this up?

Really just trying to be comfortable and focusing on this upcoming visit to Kansas. That’s the only one I got right now.

Do you feel that outside of the Kansas visit you’ve done all the visits you need to at this point, or are more needed in your opinion?

No I’m planning on taking some more, but Kansas right now is the only one that’s actually setup. The Kansas visit is setup this weekend coming up. 

How are you feeling about the upcoming Kansas visit?

I’m excited to finally be able to get out there and take a look at it.

What’s your thought process towards Kansas and their development of bigs and their recruiting situation with you?

I try not to really think too much about it, that’s how you really get stressed out. I’m just taking it slow and letting it work in.

If memory serves—you already did your Duke visit, right?  What would be your recap of that visit?

Yeah it was. It definitely changed the two days that I was there. I was really just trying to come in and see what was going on there and getting a feel for the place and program and just trying to have fun like I was at any other university. 

How did you see your thought process changing with them during the course of the visit?

I didn’t really see it changing much, I’m still trying to take my time with it.

How did you see, if they did, your conversations with your parents change about Duke prior to the visit about Duke versus after it?

Really just how I would be comfortable there with academics and basketball, that was really it. How would I be as a student there besides basketball.

What did you think about the basketball situation there from observing the facilities and taking with the coaches?

I think I saw and heard a lot of good things. It’s pretty exciting being out there finally and having a chance to finally learn from a coach like him.

What would you say is Duke’s approach towards your recruitment?

They are really just looking to have me come in here and play and be myself.  They aren’t really trying to throw me into something certain. They are just trying to get me to play like me.

How do feel about the potential depth charts at Duke and Kentucky and Kansas as it relates to your potential role if you went to any of those programs? Do any present a more favorable situation for you?

They are all pretty even.No one is really more favorable than the other.

Is each of those three programs pitching you to play a completely different role, or are all they all similar with what they have told you about how they see themselves playing you if you went there?

It’s pretty different. They all are pitching different things and for me to play different ways. I can’t really explain it, but they are all different.

What’s been your reaction to each of those programs pitching you to play the way they envision you playing there?

I’m really just trying to take it all in, I’m not trying to jump at anything too quick. I’m just trying to take it slow and take it all in.

After the Kansas visit how important is it for you to take more visits before making a decision?

Well, I always want to look at every option, I don’t want to just jump at the first thing.

How do you and your family see the final decision-making process unfolding for you?

We have talked about it.  I’m really going to be looking at the relationship I have with the coaching staff. 

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