One on one with Trevon Duval

One of the top players in all of high school basketball is St. Benedict Prep standout point guard Trevon Duval. Considered the top lead guard in the class of 2017, Duval and Duke have been tracking one another recently. But is an offer coming? We asked and got the scoop…

How have things been going at the USA Camp?

Trevon Duval:  The camp is pretty good, especially with getting to play against some high level competition these past few days. I think it was a good experience for me. I matched up a little bit against Josh (Jackson), a little against Markelle Fultz, De’Aaron Fox and some of the sophomores now.

For those who haven't seen you play, how would you describe your game?

On the court I just want to take what the defense gives me with passing and scoring. I like to hit the open player when he’s open and take the shot when it’s there. Also on the defensive end I try my hardest to make sure that the guy I’m guarding doesn’t score. 

Are there any guys either in college or in the pros that you can point to and say, “there’s some similarities in their games to the way I try to play?”

I would say Derrick Rose.  A lot of people compare me to him and also, some people say I’m like Kyrie Irving in ways. Those are probably the best comparisons when it comes down to point guards. Those are the two guards that I watch and I follow and try to pattern my game after. 

What drew you to want to pattern parts of your game after how Kyrie plays? 

His craftiness with the ball, and his ball-handling skills. Also his finishes with either hand. I’ve watched him ever since he was in high school. Also since I’ve been watching him since high school, my dad has been having me watch other guys too from a young age. 

What did you think of Kyrie’s time at Duke from watching him play?

I know he was a pro after the one game against Michigan State. He got like 30 something I think. Then after that I just knew that he was going to be one of the best point guards in the League. 

Was that the first time you watched Duke was when Kyrie was there?

I watched Duke before with Nolan Smith and all those guys back then. I used to watch Duke a lot of the time starting then.  It was just the name they had, they are a top team and they win. And, it’s Duke, so they play a lot of high level games.

Was Duke a part of the group of teams that you just liked to watch growing up?

Actually I grew up a Carolina fan, but I still watched Duke growing up because they are still a good basketball school growing up. I was a Carolina fan at first, I loved Carolina and at first I hated Duke. 

What changed for you then with them?

Now that I got older and I realized that these schools are recruiting me, I can’t hate the schools just because I used to be a Carolina fan. I can’t really be biased. 

How’s the recruiting process going for you? Who are you having regular communication with at this point?

Regular communication..I talk to Arizona, Indiana, Louisville, Maryland, Duke, Carolina, Villanova and some more. They contact me all the time.

Are you primarily handling that communication at this point?

Usually they text me and if they aren’t doing that, they are texting my dad to check up on us, and to see what’s going on. My dad wants the best for me, so he’s waiting to see how the recruiting process goes and how the schools are. We’re trying to see what the best fit is for me.

How far back does the communication go with Duke and North Carolina?

I would say probably, beginning of this AAU season. Around May or so. 

Has either of those programs put a firm scholarship offer on the table at this point?

No, not at this point.

Which coaches from those staffs have you been talking with?

Coach Capel and Coach Scheyer from Duke. 

What’s been your thought process towards what Coach Capel and Coach Scheyer has shared with you so far?

Right now they just check up on me and see how I’m doing. They also talk with me about how good a program they are and how good a fit it would be for me. 

How regularly are you talking with them?

With Coach Capel, it’s probably like three times a week. Usually he calls or texts me just to see how I’m doing. 

Has either Coach Capel or Coach Scheyer indicated anything about a potential scholarship offer from Duke as coming in the future?

Oh yeah, they have. I think with Duke and a lot of other schools, they are just waiting to see what happens with the 2016 guys, and how some of their players there do with the Draft and all that type of stuff. Some schools like them are just waiting it out to see what happens.

Do you have a lot of schools trying to line you up to come do an unofficial visit with them this year?

Yeah. Arizona, Villanova, Baylor, Maryland, and Indiana. There’s a lot. My dad and I are handling that and obviously if I don’t want to go to a school I won’t go visit, but if I want see how their campus is or how their school is, I’ll try to see how my schedule is so I can make it out there. 

Are there any guys in your class or the class ahead of you that you are potentially interested in playing with in college?

Billy Preston, we’ve talked about maybe going to school somewhere. It was Markelle Fultz before he committed to Washington, but I can’t really make the decision unless I go there and see it for myself.

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