One on one with Kevin Knox

The biggest recruiting news of the week was the offer to five star combo forward Kevin Knox. The nation’s tenth ranked prospect sat down with TDD on Tuesday to discuss the offer, how it changes his recruitment, and much more.

First time talking with you Kevin, what are you all about, on and off the court?

Kevin KnoxOn the court I don’t do much talking, I just let my game do the talking. Off the court I’m a good student in the classroom, I’m a good person, my parents like me and I get along with everyone.


When did you get your start with organized basketball?

I first started liking the game when I was three years old, I started at a young age and I loved the game. I just got better over the years and I found out what my weaknesses are and I’ve been working on those ever since. When I played growing up I played the wing a lot, that’s where my coaches told me I should play a lot. We did wing drills and stuff that will help me at the next level.


Were there any NBA or college guys that you looked to in your development process as a player?

I watched film of my games and I also watched film of guys whose game I resemble, see what they do and I work with my trainer a lot—he comes up with new programs and I work on those.


Who would you say your game resembles the most?

More of like Kevin Durant or a Grant Hill type of player. They are both so tall and long, they could both play the wing, they can dribble, rebound, score at the rim and on the wing—they are just all-around overall players.


When do you remember first watching Kevin and Grant or film of theirs?

I watched Kevin Durant for awhile now, ever since he was in college and Grant Hill too, I was really young when he was in college, but I’ve watched his highlights ever since then. Grant is a really good player, came from a good family and he’s an all-around type of player and he could do pretty much everything. When he was at Duke he did a lot of different things for them.


Did you watch Duke for other guys as well, or was Grant the big reason?

I’ve watched them for awhile now, they have been really good and they have a lot of really good players that played or play in the NBA, that caught my attention, ever since I was like in the 7th grade.


Do you have any opinions at this point on which college programs you feel do a good job at playing and developing guys who play your position or style?

Yeah a lot of the coaches really want me to go to them because they know I can fit in any system of college basketball. When I narrow my decision down it’s going to come down to how I feel I fit their playing style, how I fit in with the players on the team and the coaches and just making sure I feel comfortable there. I’m real wide open right now.


How much communication have you personally had with the college coaches?

My parents mostly handle it, but a lot of the coaches have gotten my number from my dad and I’ve had a number of good conversations with them.


Which programs do you feel you yourself have had really good conversations with to this point?

Coach Mike Krzyzewski called me yesterday and I had a good talk with him and with all the UNC coaches too. I had a good talk with the Florida State coaches, Georgia coaches, LSU coaches, I’ve had conversation with pretty much every coach that’s recruiting me. They all say pretty much similar things, they really want me, they think I fit their system and they are going to stay in touch with me.


With Coach K calling you Sunday, was that the first time you personally had ever spoken with him?

Yes sir, we had texted before that, but that was the first time I had talked with him either on the phone or in person.


What kind of things did you and him discuss?

It went well, he gave me some info and he said that I remind him of a young Grant Hill. He said that all the coaches really loved me and they watched me during the summer and they are going to keep calling me to check on me, stuff like that. He offered me a scholarship on Sunday.


How did he present the offer?

He just said after he talked about Grant Hill and how I fit in their system and how all the coaches want me at Duke, he told me, “I want to offer you a scholarship and hopefully you are interested in Duke and we really want you.” I told him thank you and I asked him a couple of things about the school and the players he’s coached and we had a few laughs here and there.


What would you say is your impression of Duke now that you have communicated with the coaches and have received the offer from them?

I really like the school, it’s close to home in North Carolina. It would be a good decision when I get down to it and I might go visit sometime soon. Me and my dad are planning that right now. It’s a school I really like, they put a lot of guys in the NBA and all the coaches are experienced and he’s coached great guys. I’m thankful for having the offer.


Is there a big difference in how you feel about Duke post-offer as opposed to how you felt about them prior to them starting to recruit you and then offering you?

Before the offer I watched them all the time, Coach K has been around a long time and before the offer, I really liked Duke, it’s a great school and I watched them all the time, they’ve been in a lot of Final 4s and won national championships, so my impression of them is still the same.


Is the Duke offer one you were really hoping to get as it relates to your overall recruiting process?

Yeah, everyone wants a Duke offer for sure. I really like that UNC and Duke offered me because those are two really big, powerhouse schools. I was pretty happy when I got those offers. UNC offered me last week.


Had Duke and UNC been talking with you for roughly the same amount of time since they offered so close to each other?

Before the UNC offer I talked to the coaches a lot and I did the same with the Duke coaches. Both of those schools have talked to me a lot and before I talked to the head coaches of each program I had talked with the assistants a lot and now the head coaches are involved and they are texting me and calling me and they are both making sure I know that I’m a priority for them.


How do you feel about having an offer from both UNC and Duke considering they are big rivals?

It’s really cool, I know it’s a big rivalry and both of the schools are really competitive. Every game they play comes down to the wire, both are really good schools.


Are both programs describing to you that you would play a similar style of role at their school?

Yeah, Coach K said that whenever I watch Duke play to watch Brandon Ingram because the role that he wants me to play if I go to Duke.  North Carolina told me they want me to play the wing as well as the 2 and the 3.


What are your thoughts between Duke and North Carolina with how they play and develop their wings from watching them play?

When I watch them play they always like to run and their wings get a lot of touches and get good shots, so I really like that. It’s going to come down to how I fit in their playing styles.


You mentioned you and your dad are planning a potential visit to Duke soon…

Yeah we might go up there soon during the basketball season or maybe later on this year. No dates yet that want to release at this point, but we’re not sharing yet what those dates are but we are lining up some visits. We’re just planning unofficial visits at this point.


Do you see a big need for your process to take a lot of unofficial visits and the full amount of official visits?

I’m not planning on taking officials until my senior year.


Based on the offers you have now—are there any programs that are recruiting you who haven’t offered yet that you hope to have an offer from before your process ends?

No not really. Whoever offers me, offers me, I don’t want to complain about not having an offer. I’ll probably cut my list down after the summer.


Do you have any friendships with guys in your class that you are hoping to maybe play with in college?

No, we have a lot of friends through USA but I don’t have any package deals with anybody.


How much are you paying attention to who the programs are recruiting or guys they project to have who play a similar position to you ? is that a major part of what you are evaluating about these programs?

Oh yes sir, I don’t want to go to a school where they are recruiting a lot of players for the same position. There’s some schools who are telling me that they are really only recruiting a handful or one or two players at different positions and it’s up to the players to compete for that top spot.

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