Hoop Hall: One on One with Mohamed Bamba

One of the most dynamic players in the class of 2017 has been tracked by every high major in the country including Duke. So where do the Blue Devils stand with Mohamed Bamba, and where is the recruitment going? We spoke with the five star center on Sunday to get the latest.

What are your thoughts on the matchup with Udoka today ?

Mohamed Bamba:  In the first half I knew that Udoka was going to play very strong and he was going to physically try and impose compared to me, so I knew I had to use a lot of speed and quickness against him. Offensively I wasn’t very good, but I figured out other ways to contribute to the game with things like rebounding, blocking shots and other things.

Being a national recruit at a national event like this, how do you deal with that?

It’s great, I really enjoy it.

With playing in college, do you think it’s an ideal thing for you to play alongside another big?

Yeah, definitely. I’d like to be a stretch four or so when I get to college, so that’s something I’m trying to develop in my game now is playing with another big.

Which coaches are you personally communicating with on a regular basis at this point?

I haven’t communicated with very many coaches recently, I think the last coach I contacted with the coach from Michigan State, the assistant coach from Michigan State.

Duke’s been mentioned with you for awhile now…

Yeah they came to several of my games, but I haven’t been talking with them very much.

What are your thoughts on the discussion about you and Wendell Carter in your class?

Outside of basketball, Wendell is a great kid, he’s a kid that I would be good friends with even outside of basketball. With playing basketball with him, it would be great because we would make each other better and it would make the game that much easier.

Now’s there’s recognizing that you could play with someone and then there’s actually wanting to play with someone, is that something you and him have ever talked about?

No, we’ve never talked about playing together yet, but that could be a conversation we might have, who knows…

What’s the visit plan at this point ?

Yeah we might look at some after AAU season in August, right now I’m just talking to schools and seeing where things go.

What kind of questions are you asking the coaches when you communicate with them?

One of the questions I ask all the coaches recruiting me is who else are they recruiting in my class to see if there’s anybody they are looking at that I might enjoy playing with. I’m also looking for a veteran point guard, so like I’m looking at point guards in the class of 2016 like Frank Jackson and others, you really want to potentially play with a veteran point guard.

Frank Jackson mentioned previously that he’s very active in talking with guys in his class and your class, how much communication have you two had?

Yep, when I actually took my unofficial to Duke, Frank was visiting them officially and we played with the guys there in open gym, it was really fun. We talk here and there on social media, joke on each other.

When it comes to distance and your decision making process Mohamed, how big a deal is that?

If my parents are cool with it, then I’m cool with it. My brother went to school out in Arizona, the biggest thing my parents are concerned with is the education. I could go to school in Alaska and they would be ok if the academics are good. My mom doesn’t really look too much into the recruiting process.


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