One on one with five star D.J. Harvey

Rated as a five star wing in the class of 2017, D.J. Harvey has had a who's who of college basketball recruiting him for a number of years. Now, as he moves past the halfway point of his junior season, Harvey has cut his list and will do so again in a few weeks. We spoke with him about that, what Duke is pitching, and more.

What were your thoughts on today’s win for you and your team ?

D.J. Harvey:  Yeah I definitely struggled with my shot a bit on some shots I normally hit. So Coach always tells me to be a contributor in other ways-especially when my shot isn’t falling, so I just tried to do that today with rebounding and also on the defensive end. I’m glad that our guys pulled it out and we had great coaching too.

What was it like for you matching up with Jayson Tatum when you had the chance?

I didn’t match up with Tatum a lot, but I respect his game and the way he plays is always tough to guard.

You mentioned Duke as a program that reaches out a lot, which coaches from that staff are you regularly communicating with?

Coach Capel mainly.  Coach K is usually always busy so I’ll get texts from him around holidays and stuff.

What kind of questions have you had for Coach Capel when you are talking?

Mostly…just like one time I was in a slump, so I asked him for advice with that. He said, “don’t think, just keep shooting, always try to get yourself out of that slump by shooting.”

Since you’ve already visited Duke, what were your thoughts on what you saw there when you visited?

Campus is beautiful and the facilities are the best I’ve seen. The players there welcomed me with open arms when I was there.

How much have they discussed potential role with you if you were to go there?

Coach K told me he wants me to be a scorer and to really show leadership, and he feels like I would fit in well with other good players and that I’m versatile.

With cutting your list down the next time in advance of EYBL season, will there be different criteria that you will look at for that cut-down versus what you used for this first cut down to 16 programs?

It will be similar things like with what’s important to me and my family as well as my high school and AAU coaches.

How much are you looking at who the programs on your list are recruiting on the wing, either in your class or the class ahead of you?

I mean, yeah definitely, it’s something I look at.  Like with Jayson Tatum going to Duke, everybody is saying he’s pretty much one-and-done, so I mean and Duke doesn’t offer a lot of players…so I look at that. All in all, I’m fine with playing with different kinds of players, good players.

What’s the balance when it comes to looking at who programs are recruiting on the wing around your class?  Are you hearing that a lot more directly from the staffs, or is it something you and your family are bringing up more with them as you talk?

It’s mostly, my dad is worried how I’ll be in college.  So the coaches are just honest, they are all honest and that’s what we’ve asked for from the start. So if they are honest from the start and tell me what’s expected from me from the start when I get there, then its fine.

With the 16 on your list, do you feel like you have a good vision from them on what your role would be and how they would develop you if you went to their program?

Yeah I’m good with what I have

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