One on one with Five Star SF Brian Bowen

Five star small forward Brian Bowen has been on the Duke radar for quite some time in the class of 2017. Now, after battling injury, the 6’7 Indiana prospect is hearing more and more from Coach K and company. We spoke with him about the upped interest and what it means to him and his recruitment.

Lot of guys with their skill development workouts will look at other players and integrate things they see from those players into their workouts. Anybody like that for you in either college or pro?

Brian Bowen:  My dad has been telling me I need to look up somebody like that, but I look at guys like KD, LeBron, guys that do everything…not just scoring and not just passing but who do everything. I try to look at their moves with attacking the basket and stuff like that. It’s not just watching one guy though—I watch a lot of basketball.

When you think about your potential role in college, do you want to play more a true two-guard role or more of a wing?

Yeah I really want to play the two guard position, that’s the main position I want to play but I can go 2/3 and sometimes I play the one, whatever I need to do is the best fit for me.

You mentioned Duke first in the programs that are recruiting you pretty heavily, what’s the situation with them at this point and what’s the communication been covering with them?

Coach Scheyer, he contacts me about every other day, so we’re building a relationship a lot and he wants Coach K to come check me and he’s already come and checked me out. It’s a great school, it’s a great coaching staff there and they see a lot in me with potentially coming in there as Tatum will be going for them. It’s a long process though.

How far back does the communication go with Coach Scheyer and what has been his main source of feedback to you?

Really it’s just been keep playing hard, he tells me I play really hard and to keep rebounding the ball. He just told me to keep playing hard and the sky is the limit.

How much are you paying attention to with the programs recruiting you who they are recruiting on the wing, either in your class or in the class ahead of you?

I’m looking at it a lot to see like with guys who are going in to programs to see how they play, what they do because that could really impact my game as well.

When you think about depth charts on the wing, is there such a thing as too crowded for you when you evaluate a program for your potential fit there?

Not really no. It’s really on me, me going in there…I have to work my hardest to get my position. I would just have to play and go from there.

Which programs are recruiting you at this point but haven’t offered yet?

Kentucky, North Carolina, and Duke.  Those are the main three that haven’t offered me yet but are showing high interest in me. We’ll see what happens in the future there.

Big picture with your recruitment, if any of those three programs you just mentioned or all of them offer a scholarship, how do you see that affecting your recruiting process?

You know it’s a possibility, they are all great programs with great coaching staffs. We’ll see what I think since I’m personally developing a relationship with them and see how they would put me in position and also see how my family feels about it as well.

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