Efficiency Ratings: Louisville

As the Blue Devils progress through the season there will be many different theories on how to measure team success. TDD has adopted an NBA Efficiency Formula to track Duke's top players and performances after each game and throughout the season.

A quick way NBA coaches measure a player's game performance is by evaluating his efficiency. In order to find a player's efficiency the following formula is used:

((Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks) - ((Field Goals Att. - Field Goals Made) + (Free Throws Att. - Free Throws Made) + Turnovers)).

For example, compare the following stat lines:

Player A: 17 points (5-of-22 FG, 7-9 FT), 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, 4 turnovers.

Player B: 15 points (5-8 FG, 3-4 FT), 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 turnovers

Latest Game:

Damion Lee scored 24 points, including three 3-pointers during a furious second-half rally from a 13-point deficit, to the push the Cardinals past Duke on Saturday in a win maybe more satisfying than its upset of then-No. 2 North Carolina on Feb. 1.

Trailing 44-31 with 17:10 remaining, Louisville battled back and used an 8-0 run with consecutive 3s by Lee and a slam by Jaylen Johnson after Chinanu Onuaku stole an inbounds pass for a 58-55 lead. Lee added another long-range shot and Johnson made a jumper to make it 63-57.

Late in the game officials whistled Duke guard Grayson Allen for charging -- his fifth foul -- and assessed him a subsequent technical foul for arguing the call to end his day after scoring a game-high 29 points for the Blue Devils (20-7, 9-5), who had beaten a ranked team in their last three games.


(change from previous game)
  • Grayson Allen +24 (+7)
  • Matt Jones DNP (-)
  • Brandon Ingram -3 (-25)
  • Amile Jefferson +DNP (-)
  • Marshall Plumlee +19 (+2)
  • Luke Kennard +5 (-8)
  • Derryck Thornton +4 (-1)
  • Chase Jeter +9 (+9)
  • Antonio Vrankovic DNP (-)
  • Sean Obi DNP (-)

Notes: Technical foul and disqualification aside, Grayson Allen had a very nice game against Louisville. The sophomore shot 75 percent from the floor and missed just one of nine free throw attempts. Like his fellow top option, Brandon Ingram, Allen was plagued with turnover problems, logging a season high five giveaways.

And speaking of Ingram, the 6-foot-9 forward didn’t react well to either Louisville’s physical defense or the manner in which the game was called. Ingram missed seven of 10 shots and committed a near program record 10 turnovers. His -3 overall rating was the lowest of the season, which further supports Krzyzewski’s proclamations that he was very proud of his team’s fight. They not only overcame fatigue, but also the worst game of the season from its most talented player…and yet Duke was still in a position to win.

Inside Marshall Plumlee continued his ever efficient season, posting a +19 thanks to puling in a huge rebound total (14), a solid field goal percentage (60), and a low turnover total (1) in 38 minutes.

Off the bench - the only player used - came Chase Jeter who had his best game of the season. The freshman made his only field goal and both of his free throws. He competed on the glass and finished with 5 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist to post a +9 rating in 17 minutes.


Throughout the season TDD will track the various highs and lows using the formula.

Ten Most Efficient Performances

  • Grayson Allen v. Georgetown (+38)
  • Brandon Ingram v. Georgia Southern (+38)
  • Brandon Ingram v. Elon (+35)
  • Grayson Allen v. NC State (+35)
  • Grayson Allen v. Long Beach State (+34)
  • Marshall Plumlee v. Syracuse (+33)
  • Marshall Plumlee v. Virginia Tech (+31)
  • Grayson Allen v. VCU (+30)
  • Luke Kennard v. Notre Dame (+30)
  • Grayson Allen v. Wake Forest (+29)
  • Grayson Allen v. Siena (+28)
  • Marshall Plumlee v. Wake Forest (+28)

Five Least Efficient Performances

  • Derryck Thornton (-5) v. Utah State
  • Grayson Allen (-4) v. Kentucky
  • Grayson Allen (-4) v. Utah
  • Brandon Ingram (-3) v. Louisville
  • Luke Kennard (-3) v. Syracuse


Cumulative Season ratings for the Blue Devils. (E/game)*

  • Grayson Allen +558 (20.7)
  • Brandon Ingram +480 (17.8)
  • Marshall Plumlee +432 (16.0)
  • Luke Kennard +305 (11.3)
  • Matt Jones +267 (10.3)
  • Derryck Thornton +190 (7.0)
  • Amile Jefferson +177 (19.7)
  • Chase Jeter +52 (2.3)
  • Antonio Vrankovic +10 (2.0)
  • Sean Obi 6 (0.7)



Cumulative Season ratings per minute for the Blue Devils. (E/minutes)

  • Antonio Vrankovic .714
  • Amile Jefferson .648
  • Grayson Allen .582
  • Brandon Ingram .530
  • Marshall Plumlee .524
  • Luke Kennard .451
  • Matt Jones .314
  • Chase Jeter .304
  • Sean Obi .286
  • Derryck Thornton .265


Tracking the most and least efficient performances by player
  • Grayson Allen 38/-4
  • Amile Jefferson 26/21
  • Brandon Ingram 38/-3
  • Matt Jones 25/0
  • Marshall Plumlee 33/4
  • Luke Kennard 30/-3
  • Chase Jeter 12/-3
  • Antonio Vrankovic 8/1
  • Derryck Thornton 20/-5
  • Sean Obi 3/0


- As indicated, it was the worst game of the season for Ingram whose 10 turnovers were the most committed by any player in the last 20 years for Duke.

- Jeter’s performance off the bench is certainly a silver lining from an otherwise heartbreaker. The 6-10 freshman played out of necessity, but also played well enough to likely earn some additional minutes as the season progresses.

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