One on one with 2018 5* SF Cameron Reddish

Fresh off a number of unofficial visits, one of the top players in the class of 2018, Cameron Reddish, had a chance to sit down with TDD to recap what he’s seen including the trip to Durham to visit with Coach K and the Blue Devils.

Your coach mentioned you took several visits recently…

Cameron Reddish:  We visited Duke and North Carolina. It was my second time visiting them, I had the opportunity to take a tour when I was in the eighth grade and was at the CP3 Camp.


What were your impressions then of what you saw when you first visited those programs?

Back then I thought it was just really cool because of how young I was to be able to visit them. I got to see both gyms and both practice facilities—I thought both were good visits back then.


This time around were the visits setup at the request of the Duke and North Carolina staffs or were they something you pursued?

Honestly I’m not sure, probably a little bit of both. We talked about it a couple of times, my parents and my coach are talking with the coaches right now—I’m not doing much talking with them right now.


What have your parents and coach shared about where the communication has gone so far with Duke and North Carolina?

They just told me they are interested and they are going to continue to watch me. Hopefully both of them will offer a scholarship, but neither of them have yet.


Are you familiar at this point with which programs have given you a firm scholarship offer?

Yes, Villanova, Auburn, Penn State, UCONN, Seton Hall and VCU.


In the grand scheme of your recruitment how big a deal are those early offers for you?

It’s honestly a blessing and an honor. It’s a confidence booster knowing that programs already think I’m good enough to give those offers—it makes me want to work even harder so I can play at the highest level. I’m going to just figure out what’s the best fit for me once I decide, it won’t be based on which program offered me first. It’s about finding what’s best for me.


For each player finding what’s best for them can mean different things when it comes to their college decision. What are you looking at when you try to figure out what’s best for you?

I want to have a great relationship with the coach and with the players and I want to play in a fantastic atmosphere with great fans and on a great program overall.


Let’s return to the Duke and UNC visits, what kind of things did you get to see ?

At Duke I was able to go into the locker room both during pre-game and after the game. They got a big win while we were there, so it was exciting to be in the locker room and see how they celebrate and things like that. I also got to see them warm up and be on the court and talk with the players some.


At UNC I spoke to the coaches a little bit, I watched them warm up.


What did you think about the crowds at both games and what were your thoughts on how each program ran their stuff offensively and defensively?

At Duke the crowd was very into it, they were really loud and I liked that a lot. On offense they liked to get out and run, set screens and get to the basket and score whenever possible. At North Carolina it’s kinda the same, different players and stuff like that.


What did the coaching staffs at each program emphasize to you in your talks with them?

They didn’t say too much. Coach K mentioned the fact that he loved my game and how he saw me play this past summer at Peach Jam and how he really enjoyed it. It meant the world to me that he said that, I couldn’t keep a smile off my face when he said it. With Roy Williams I didn’t get a chance to speak with him individually.


Prior to the visit, had you or your parents spoken with Coach K before?

I don’t know if they have spoken with Coach K before, I know they have spoken with Jon Scheyer a couple of times, but I’m not sure if Coach K has talked with them before.


What was it like hanging out with Coach Scheyer on the visit?

It was great being able to talk with him and also being able to spend some time with the players as well. He was giving me a lot of background on the players and where they are from, it was cool.


Has Duke or UNC given any indication that they expect to give an offer in the future?

Duke has mentioned that they will later, they just haven’t done it now. They are going to wait they said. UNC said the same thing about it. I think it’s just that I’m young, they wanted to wait.


Did your interest in those programs begin before they started recruiting you?

I had always liked both programs growing up. I had watched them for awhile.


If either of those programs or both offer you in the future, how do you see it impacting your recruitment?

I feel like every offer is a big deal and regardless of who offers or when they offer, an offer is an offer, it’s an honor regardless.


Are there more visits planned in the future?

I was going to be going to the Temple and Villanova game coming up.


How much of a factor will distance from home be in your recruitment?

I want to go a little bit further away I think, but I also like schools that are close by. With my family it doesn’t really matter, they are just trying to figure out the best fit for me.


Who are the main people you would say who will likely help in you making your decision whenever that comes?

My dad mainly and my mom too. My dad’s been through it, so he’s really helped me a lot.

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