SF Jack White Recaps Duke Visit

Fresh off his official visit to Duke, Australian wing Jack White spoke with TDD to recap the trip to Durham and update his recruitment now that the Blue Devils have offered.

Thanks for making the time for the interview Jack—first question, did Duke offer during the visit and, if they did, how did they present it?

They did, Coach K pretty much said that they’d love for me to be a part of the program. I wouldn’t say it was overly formal or anything.

How did you react and did you expect an offer going in?

I guess I was relieved and happy to hear it.  I sort of half expected it because I know they don’t mess around and were serious, otherwise I wouldn’t have been on the visit.  But yeah I would say that it wasn’t a huge surprise thought it’s still a great feeling either way.

After offering the scholarship, at any point did the coaches ask for a commitment?

They didn’t really push me or anything, they were really respectful of my situation and everything like that. I had previously told them that I would talk it all over with my coaches and all that back home before I committed anywhere anyways.

What would you say were your impressions of the coaching staff from your time with them and the role they have planned for you?

I felt like I developed a really good relationship with all of the coaching staff, they’re all great guys. They just said that there’s an opportunity, and that like anything it would all come down to how I would use the opportunity I would be given. But they said they like how I can do a lot of things on the court, and could contribute in a variety of ways.

How did you react to that?

I knew that would be the situation, and they don’t promise anything.  They simply give you the opportunity. 

If you decided on Duke, how would your game fit?

I think I would fit in well, they play somewhat of an international style which would obviously suit me, and all the guys can contribute to the game in more ways than one, so it’s all pretty similar to what I do.

What kind of questions did you go into the visit with?

Just general stuff about what they know about me and where they think I fit in with it all pretty much. I wouldn’t say so, everything was covered during the visit.

You mentioned they knew going in that you had a plan to not commit on the visit and talk it over after…do you mind if I ask what your estimated time frame to think over things?

No longer than a week I’d say.

What are the main things you and your coaches and family will be looking at as you think through things this week?

I think it will just be a matter of talking about it all and getting their opinions on everything.  I don’t think it will be really specific or anything.

I understand. Anything memorable from the visit from what you saw or heard?

It was all great, but the game was a highlight.

What about the game made it so?

Just the atmosphere of Cameron I think, it was crazy. Nothing like what happens in Australia.

What did you think about how the coaches interacted with the players both during the game and outside of it?

I really liked it, Coach K and all the staff have really good relationships with all the guys.

What were your impressions of how they ran their offense and defense?

It’s all pretty similar to what I’m used to, so I liked what I saw.

Did you notice a big change in how you thought and felt about Duke coming out of the visit versus how you did going into the visit?

Not significantly about the program but just felt better because I got to see and experience everything in person.

I noticed your parents were there with you as well, what did they think about everything there?

Yeah they came with me too, and they enjoyed everything which was good.

What did they ask of the coaches?

Just stuff about education and pretty much everything that’s important but I didn’t ask. Mainly stuff about school and their plan for me and where I fit in with all.

What did they say in response to what the coaches shared with you guys about that?

They were all happy with what was said, so everything went well.

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