One on one with Duke Commit Jack White

Fresh off announcing his commitment, Australian small forward Jack White spoke with TDD to break down his decision and provide a bit of background information.

Can you take me through what was said when you called the Duke coaches with your commitment this evening?

Jack White:  Just that they were very excited and happy for me, and said that they think I’ll do great there.

What was the mood heading into the call? 

I was feeling a sense of relief that the recruiting would finally be over and that weight would be lifted off my shoulders. I just said that I wanted to go to Duke and would love to play for Coach K.

How difficult or easy a decision was this for you? Can you compare how you felt about Duke when they first got involved versus how you feel about them now? Was there a big change?

I think it was a pretty easy one once I got over there and saw everything first hand. I don’t think there was that big of a change, and I don’t have a bad thing to say about the program, so my thoughts didn’t really change at all.

Were there certain things about the program that you either talked about with the coaches or saw on the visit that you would say were the major deciding factors for you?

I can’t really isolate one specific factor that was really important for my decision, but rather everything I saw and everyone that I spoke to was great.

Can you shed some light on your conversations with Coach Scheyer and Coach K?

They were all really positive, were very honest with me throughout the whole process. I think the most memorable thing was just being able to develop a better relationship with all of the coaching staff during the recruiting process and the visit.

What do you remember about the first conversations with them and when Duke first got involved with you? 

The thing that sticks out in my head is just how genuine they were. It was all very natural and positive. They started recruiting me about two months ago.

How did they first find out about you? How much of a background did you have on Duke before they started recruiting you?

Coach K has a good relationship with [WABC President] Patrick Hunt who I’m pretty close with, and I’m pretty sure they spoke about me to each other and it went from there.  I knew a fair bit about the program, they’re globally recognized and are well known over here in Australia.

When was the first time you and Coach K spoke then? How did Patrick’s and Coach K’s relationship influence your decision, if it did?

I got in touch with Coach Scheyer first and then from there he arranged a call with Coach K. I wouldn’t say it significantly influenced the decision but it definitely made me feel more confident.

So when it came down to decision-making time and you knew Duke was where you wanted to go, what do you remember sharing with your family and coaches during that time?

I pretty much just said that I think it’s the place for me and the level I need to be playing at, and that I felt really good about going there.

Let me switch gears a bit, can you share where you are height and weight and wingspan at this point? Are you projected to be more of a two guard or wing forward at Duke?

I’m 6’7, 220 pounds, 6’10 wingspan. I’m thinking I’ll be more of a 2/3, but have the ability to play a bit of forward.

Did the Centre do any kind of athletic with you and if they did, what did they evaluate? Are you more of a slashing/scorer type of wing, or do you play more of a shooting/skill game?

They do pretty much all of the testing like vertical jump, agility test, endurance, 20 meter spring, but I haven’t done testing in awhile and I can’t remember what results I got the last time. I would say my offensive game is similar to Grayson Allen’s, I think I have a balance between the two styles of play.

What would you say are the expectations for you when you come in?

They don’t make any promises to anyone, they just said that there’s an opportunity there and that I’ll have to prove myself and earn what I get. I’m excited for the challenge, but I feel like I’ll be able to make some contributions straight away.

Aside from Grayson, did they make any comparisons of you to any other Duke players?  And when are you scheduled to sign?

They compared me to Kyle Singler as well. I’ll sign during the next signing period and then head over late June at this stage I believe.

What has it meant to you to see the support coming your way on Twitter already?  Have you talked with any of your future teammates yet?

It feels great to be a part of the Duke family, and receive a lot of support through social media. I’ve had some contact with a few of the guys. Harry, Jayson and Javin have all reached out.

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