2019 WF Wendell Moore Recaps Duke Visit

One of the top overall players in the state of North Carolina is 2019 small forward Wendell Moore.  Recently the 6-foot-5 wing player visited Duke for the game against North Carolina.  So what did he think of his first in-season visit to Coach K’s program?  We sat down with him for that answer and much more. 


Was this your first time getting to visit Duke ?

Wendell Moore:  I went there for the Countdown to Craziness, but this was my first time at a game. The crowd was really great, this is one of the biggest rivalry games in basketball or sport history, it was a great time. I liked how they both played, they both tried to get up and down the floor, Carolina had some great players like Marcus, Brice and others and Duke played really well too, but Carolina was really great on the boards. Both of their teams gave their guards freedom that helped get guys open and it was more of a motion type offense than specific sets. Both of those schools do the same things that we do with getting out in transition, running a motion offense and really creating for others.

Are Duke and North Carolina two programs you watched a lot growing up?

Yep, for sure. It was a dream come true to be there tonight, I’ve always wanted to go to a game like that. I was happy I got a chance to be there, especially with things being so early for me.

Did you guys go to this game on the invitation of the Duke staff, or was it something you and your family asked to get setup?

The Duke staff invited us to come, so we decided to come up and watch the game. 

Has your dad or coach told you how long Duke has been expressing interest in you?

I think they contacted my high school coach back in the fall, then I came up here earlier for a visit during their Countdown to Craziness, but my coach said they will be following me during my AAU season. I know I saw Jeff Capel and Nate James at AAU games.

During your two Duke visits, did you spend any time with the Duke coaches?

Yeah I did. The relationship is building, Coach Capel talked with me when I first came for 45 minutes about my game, campus, style of players they have and my fit there. There’s a pretty good relationship there. We talked about basketball, how the campus is, stuff like that.

Can you elaborate a bit on what their thoughts are of your game and they see you potentially fitting in there?

They said they like my game very much and they think of themselves as a team who likes to get up and down and that I’m the type of player who fits in that style very well. They said they are going to be recruiting me pretty hard for the next 3-4 years and they hope to see me in a Duke jersey.

Has there been any discussion with them about a potential scholarship offer down the line?

That hasn’t really come up yet. The big things we talk about are about developing my game, that’s the big thing.

What were your big questions going into the visit?

The question with tonight was was I going to be able to talk with the coaches since they had other recruits there like Harry Giles, Kevin Knox and a few other guys. But I was happy that I got a chance to talk with them for a little bit before the game, it was nice. I spoke with Coach Nate James again about how the high school season finished and how I’ve progressed since then. Then some other stuff about tonight and my future, high school games next year.

For fans who haven’t seen you play, how would you describe how your game?

I’m a shooting guard and small forward type of player. I like to get the ball in transition and create for my teammates, I get to the basket at will and I have a pretty decent jump shot but am working on that. I’m more of a slasher type right now.

Have you had any recent measurements for height, weight and wingspan?

Yeah I’m about 6-foot-4, and around 200 pounds. I’ve got a 6’10 wingspan. 

With you and Harry Giles both having played for the CP3 All Stars program, what’s your relationship like with him?

Yeah he’s like a big brother to me, he texts me every now and then. He’ll talk to me about my game and my season and how I’m doing. I met him like two years ago I think. This year we got a little more closer because we’re both the same type. He’s gone through everything that I’m getting ready to go through. He’s really helped me in focusing on my play, that I’m really not there to impress anyone, I just need to keep playing hard. 

One thing I noticed with Harry throughout the recruiting process was he never allowed all the recruiting attention and offers to really be too big a deal for him…do you take a similar approach?

Yeah, he tells me that I need to stay humble and keep working hard on my game, I just try to not think too much about it. I have about six offers right now with Georgia, Wake Forest, UNC and UNC Charlotte and Tennessee and NC State. It just shows me how much these schools believe in me and how much potential they think I have to play at the college level. 

What are your thoughts  on what you have seen of Duke’s campus and facilities now that you have visited them a few times?

They are probably one of the top schools in the country and they have probably some of the most top of the line facilities with weight training and where they practice, where they watch film, that’s good.

Do you have any opinion yet on how you feel Duke does both playing and developing players like you?

Not a whole lot at this point.  I know they have produced a lot of guys who went to the NBA and they have had a lot of guys who play a style like do and they have coached them well while they have been there. 

Which other programs have you gotten to visit at this early stage?

I’ve been to North Carolina a few times, I’ve been to Wake Forest a few times, I went to NC State for a game, UNC Charlotte and Tennessee. I’ve also been to Kentucky too. 

How much interest has Kentucky expressed in you to this point?

Yeah they are interested in me, they want to come up for another visit at some point when I have time. I know Virginia Tech, Maryland and Virginia want me to also come up, so we’re thinking about trying to make those work.

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