2017 SF David Nickleberry Gathering Duke Interest

2017 small forward prospect David Nickelberry is considered a four star prospect by Scout.com and a top 35 overall prospect in the rising senior class. Recently the 6-foot-7 Floridian has begun fielding interesting from the Blue Devils. We spoke with Nickelberry about that and more.


First question, can you confirm if Duke has been getting involved with you David?

David Nickelberry:  Yes sir, Coach Jeff Capel has been contacting my AAU Coach Brad Augustine and just saying that they think I have a pretty good skill set.


Did coach Augustine indicate what coach Capel saw that prompted the Duke interest?

I’m not quite sure on that, but I know that they have been in contact with my coach.


With that being the case, what are your initial thoughts on the Blue Devil program?

It’s a great, great program. I think that Coach K is honestly one of the best coaches that has ever lived, and I think that could bring a different game and skill set to that program.


Let’s talk about your overall game, how would you describe yourself?

I am 6-foot-7 and I have a wingspan of about 6’10.  I play the 1-3 positions, but my coaches are trying to push me to be a 1 because they believe that at this height and the way I see the court and the way I can handle the ball and not feel pressure is really good and they have a lot of trust in me.


So would you say you are a more natural scoring guard than point guard at this point?

A little bit of both. I can shoot, and I slash but the main thing I focus on is passing and getting my teammates the ball but all of my coaches have told me that I can be a little too unselfish and that I should look to score more.


So which college programs have given you a firm scholarship offer at this point and which programs have you had a chance to visit?

I’ve been offered by Florida, Georgia, Miami, Memphis, Murray State, George Mason, Indiana State, FGCU and San Francisco.  I have high interest from Texas, Cal, UCLA, Oklahoma, Kansas and I’m going to visit Texas soon. I’ve also visited UCLA, Florida, USC, FGCU and that’s about it.


Are there any other visits you’re looking to line up?

Florida State and Cal.


Which programs would you say you are hoping for an offer from before your process is all said and done?

Definitely UCLA, Texas, Cal, Oklahoma and hopefully Duke as well.


How would it affect your decision-making process if any of those programs you just mentioned or all of them ended up giving you a scholarship offer?

I don’t think it would affect it at all, I know what I’m looking for in a school and I’m going to keep focused on that plan.


What would you say you are really looking for in a college program?

Definitely a school that can help me get to where I want to be and that’s definitely the NBA. Also a school that could progress my academic career as well and a school that could help me to become a better man.


Do you have an idea of how long you want to be in college?

Hopefully two years.


Of the schools recruiting you, which ones do you feel do the best job developing players who are similar to you?

Definitely Cal, Texas, UF, UCLA and Duke.


How big do you think the distance factor is with you and your family when it comes to college?

Honestly it doesn’t really matter because I know that my family will always have my back on wherever I decide to go.


So what’s the next steps for your process at this point? 

Mid-way during the summer I will have my Top 8 choices and then from there I’ll make it shorter.


With that in mind, is taking all five visits something you definitely want to do?

I definitely want to take some time and see how I feel with the schools before I get to that point.


At this point, are there any programs recruiting you that it’s a no-brainer that you for sure would like to visit officially before your process concludes?

Yes sir, definitely. Texas, UCLA, Cal, FSU, UF. I also have major interest in FSU and Ohio State and Syracuse.


Getting back to the Duke interest for a little bit, has your coach indicated whether Coach Capel is trying to get in contact with you or your family at this point?

Yes sir, he has been in contact with my coach and would like to start recruiting me. We are hoping to have a call with him within a couple of weeks and honestly, I am truly learning that I am one of the best players in the country now and I just have to go out and show it.

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