One on one with 2017 PG Quade Green

After a solid opening weekend at the EYBL, another name has popped up on the Duke recruiting radar.  We sat down with Philadelphia point guard Quade Green to discuss the Blue Devils’ interest, his overall game, and more.

Sounds like things are going well for you on the recruiting front of late…

Quade Green:  It’s going good, first EYBL session for me, I’ve been enjoying it and things are going well. Everybody did their thing and I think I blew up a little bit.

How did you get your start in the game?

My whole family liked playing basketball and with growing up in Philly, I really liked Allen Iverson and I’ve been playing AAU since I was like six years old. I used to be taller than most people when I was in like 5th or 6th grade so I wasn’t a point guard all the time, but I always had a handle with the ball. I was always big on working out on my handle, getting stronger, stuff like that. I knew when I was in 7th grade that basketball was going to be good for me. My first offer was going into my 9th grade summer. 

Which programs have shown you interest versus extending you a firm scholarship offer since that first offer?

Syracuse, Arizona, Villanova, Virginia, Temple, Saint Joseph’s, Saint Peter’s, Maryland, Arizona State, Texas, USC, UCLA, Providence, Seton Hall, Georgetown and that’s it so far and Missouri. Those have all offered, Duke is the only one just with interest and Louisville has offered too. 

How far back does the interest from Duke go with you?

We are just touching base really at this point, he told me who he was, I told him who I was, it was Coach Scheyer. We just started recently, like two days ago. It caught me by surprise to be honest, I was very surprised. For a kid you know, a serious school like Duke, if they like you it’s a blessing really. 

What’s the expected next steps with them from what you can tell?

They were just checking with me on their interest in me, we don’t have any visits planned. We haven’t talked much yet. They were at every game this past weekend.

If the interest increases from Duke and an offer comes in the future, big picture how do you see that affecting your recruitment?

That’s a great picture really, but I also have to find what’s right for me. 

What kind of role and system are you looking for in a college program?

I think about that every day to be honest. I’m thinking somewhere where it’s a second home, where I have a good relationship with the coach, playing time, coach who get on me when I do something wrong, that’s it really and academics for sure.

With looking at playing time, how closely are you looking at point guard depth charts?

Yes, that’s something I’m looking at for sure.  Who is coming in, who is leaving, stuff like that. 

What is your thought process towards how long you would like your process to take before deciding?

I’m probably thinking through everything right now and then probably around August or September I’ll cut my list down to a Top 10 and then really it’s looking at committing really. That’ll come after I figure out what visits I want to take. 

Have you taken any visits so far?

Syracuse, Maryland, Saint Joe’s, Villanova, Temple, Rutgers, that’s it and Louisville. 

What were your impressions?

Really it’s been the campuses, coaching staff, see where they had me on the depth chart, see who is coming in and see who is leaving and seeing how I fit in. 

With the depth chart review you’ve done with the programs recruiting you, do any of them present a favorable situation for you with what you are looking for?

No, not really, I don’t have any favorites right now. 

Do you have any visits you’re actively looking to schedule?

Michigan State and Louisville right now and Miami and Xavier. That will be my second time visiting Louisville, they are very serious. They told me to be a kid, have fun with it, no rush.

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