One on one with '17 SG Hamidou Diallo

Hamidou Diallo had a big week at the first session of the Nike EYBL, and his performance has earned high major offers this week.  Duke offered on Tuesday and we had a chance to speak to the five star guard to get his reaction to that offer from Coach K and company.

Sounds like it was a good week for you in terms of recruiting and your game…

Hamidou Diallo: Definitely was a great weekend, happy with the way it went. Playing with the Rens was a great feeling. The coaches were great and I really liked the team. The game against PSA was just really a great game. Two New York teams matching up, playing that NY style, it was great.

How are you feeling being so highly ranked in your class, especially with some ranking you the #1 shooting guard in your class?

It’s just something I’ve been working toward, and it’s great seeing hard work pay off.

For fans who haven’t seen you play as much yet, what would you say are your strengths and weaknesses on the court?

Right now one of my strengths is my scoring ability.  Also, I play hard - real hard - on both sides of the court.

What’s a typical workout looking like for you these days?

Right now I’m working a lot on strength, training the body so I can keep my body 100% this whole summer. I’m getting up as many shot reps as I can so I can be as consistent as possible with everything and just being efficient as well.

Do you have a go-to scoring move at this point or areas where you like to go to get your offense going?

I don’t have a go-to scoring move I wouldn’t say and I don’t go to certain spots to score.  I feel like I can score anywhere on the court and I go can from anywhere on the court. I just play hard on both sides of the court and try to help my team win.

What are your thoughts on your potential role in college?  Do you see yourself as more of a true shooting guard, wing forward, play-making combo guard?

Right now I’d say I’m a little bit of a combo guard. It all depends, you know? But I’m going to do whatever fits with what my coach wants me to do. Right now all the schools are recruiting me to be a combo scorer on the wing.

What kind of programs have you been watching this past season to get a feel for their programs?

Really, I’ve been watching a lot of college basketball this year.  So much that I wouldn’t even be able to give you a list of all the programs I’ve been watching because it’s so long. I watched everybody.

How big a difference have you noticed with those programs in terms of how they utilize and develop guys like you?

I didn’t notice anything different that much between them.

What are your thoughts on the new scholarship offers that have come your way this week?

It’s just been…it’s a blessing that I’ve worked really hard for.

Do you remember anything from your conversations with the Duke and Kentucky staffs this week as they offered you?

It was pretty much just saying how much they like me and stuff like that. Both of them want to get me up on campus soon. I had spoken with Coach Cal before, and that was the second time I had spoken with Coach K when he offered me. The first time we talked was actually right after the weekend. There was a phone call where they basically said they were going to come see me and that I had played well and that he hadn’t been able to come up and see me because he couldn’t come up at that point.

Did you have questions for Coach K in your talks? How did you respond to what he shared with you?

You know it was a great conversation.  He talked with me about the Duke program, that was pretty much it. Duke is definitely a school I’ve watched, it was definitely a great feeling to talk to them.

What are your thoughts on how they utilize their guards and develop them from what you have seen?

It’s something I have to really look into more closely, but from what Coach K told me they would love to have me.

Is getting a Duke offer a big deal for you big-picture in your recruitment, or are you treating them the same as you are the rest of your offers?

I mean, all my offers I feel are really big to me because a scholarship to go to school is just a blessing. 

On the Kentucky side, now that they have offered, do you feel you have a longer relationship with them at this point than other programs?

I wouldn’t say it’s a longer relationship, I’ve spoken before with Coach Cal. Coach Cal has seen me before, he’s visited in person before. He’s a great guy and a great coach. Right now I’m just wide open and I’m only worried about getting better every day.

What is your thought process towards schools who have been getting involved with you more recently versus those who have been involved for longer?

It’s all the same, I’m wide open, I don’t have any list at this point, I’m still wide open.  

With that in mind, have you begun thinking about making visits?

No, absolutely not.

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