One on one with Gary Trent, Jr.

One of the earliest offers Duke extended in the class of 2017 was to Minnesota scoring guard Gary Trent, Jr. Since making the offer the Blue Devils have continued to keep tabs on the five star prospect as well as pushing for visits. We spoke with both Trent and his father about that contact, his overall recruitment, and more. Here's part one of the two part feature.

Heard you got a big test coming with the ACT, how are you feeling ?

Gary Trent:  I’m feeling pretty good, pretty confident. I took a couple of practice ACTs so I got a little bit better understanding of what it is, so hopefully I can do well, it’s a very hard test. This is my first time taking the official real test, up until this point I’ve just taken the practice ACT classes and practice tests. I’ve also been doing well with my regular classes at Apple Valley, it’s a really great public school that provides good education and it has one of the highest average ACT scores from its students in the country, so it’s above average and it’s a hard school that makes you work.

Your dad mentioned you have visited La Lumiere and are planning on visiting some other prep schools in the future. How familiar are you both personally and with his game with Brian Bowen?

I knew him from before the visit from playing at events and camps and stuff like that, but it gave me an opportunity to see him again when I went and visited La Lumiere, so we chopped it up for a little bit and he was telling me the pros about the school and how it had helped him. Then I saw him this past weekend on the circuit, so it was cool. 

What are your thoughts on how you and Brian potentially fit together as players if you were to go there?

I actually don’t see that being a problem at all, I actually see it working because we would be two major factors that the defense would have to worry about and it’d be hectic to contain both of us. I think we do similar things and I think I’ve seen some of his highlights but I haven’t been able to see him play a full game yet but I think what I’ve been able to see in his highlights, I think we play the same in some ways since he’s a good scorer, he’s long, he’s tall and athletic, he’s definitely a great player. 

I believe some of the same programs recruiting you are also recruiting him. For you in your recruiting process, how does that impact things in your consideration of those programs if they are recruiting the both of you?

I don’t really see it impacting it at all because we both have a lot of options and a lot of choices, but I would say that if I went to a certain school and he played there whether it be a high school or college, it wouldn’t affect anything.

You’ve discussed Duke previously, can you characterize where you are in your communication with the Duke program, how’s that process going?

It’s very high, I talk to Coach Capel at least once or twice a week, he texts me here and there to check on me during the high school season and seeing how my games are going. Things are going pretty well with them right now. 

Has Coach Capel discussed with you much how they see you potentially fitting in if you went there and what’s happening with their efforts with your class?

Yeah they are talking with me about how they would use me and how being there would benefit me and just all-around what other communication all schools do. I would say their communication has been amped up a lot more like from when they first offered me. When they first offered we would talk every couple of weeks, now it’s basically almost every week they are checking on me. 

Have they discussed any new visit possibilities with you either in home or at school or an unofficial visit to Duke?

Yeah they have talked about me coming down on an unofficial again, nothing really major. As of right now we haven’t talked about them coming up to visit me here. 

What are your thoughts on how things are going with you and Wendell and your future plans?

Things are going well there, Wendell is funny and I love him. We’ve played together so much which has been great and we’re on this thing called the Adidas Path as well, so we get to travel across the country and even out of the country and I get to be around him again with USA Basketball. He’s just a great person to be around, he’s fun and I love everything about him.

Have you and him had any recent conversations about either visiting schools together or anything else related to your recruitments?

Yeah we talked a little bit about it, as we get closer to our current seasons dying down , we’re going to sit down whether we’re at a camp or something together and figure out how to map this out and how do we want to go about this. 

Once you are available to take your official visits, are you the type who wants to take all five official visits?

I would say I would probably take one at a time, I’m almost most definitely going to take all five official visits just so I can see what all the different universities have to offer and to see the different campus experiences and just being able to get a wide variety of different schools to look at. 

Are there any programs recruiting you that it’s a no-brainer at this point that you would like to visit them officially?

Right now no I can’t say that

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