EYBL: One On One With Mohamed Bamba

One of the top recruiting targets on the board, Mohamed Bamba, caught up with TDD to discuss his recruiting process at the Nike EYBL session in Hampton, Va.

Those phone calls you mentioned having with coaches like Coach K, Coach Amaker, Coach Cal, etc — were those setup at your request or at the request of the coaches?

Mohamed Bamba: A little bit of both. I wanted to ask them about who they are recruiting, what their recruiting class is looking like, just some questions to get a feel for who these people really are.

For you, why is that a big deal for you with who they are recruiting?

Obviously I always want to be on a team where it’s not just me, I want to go out there alongside other talented guys. That’s something we have here with PSA. I’m big on the recruiting classes, I want to know who I’m coming in with.

Was there anything new or surprising that you learned in your recent conversations with the coaches you mentioned?

Not really, I’m just asking a whole bunch of questions and trying to learn as much as possible. I think the newest thing I heard was who they are recruiting because it’s after a live period and they are going to offer more kids obviously, so you just learn who they are picturing coming to their school. I haven’t gotten a full picture yet with that, I’m still researching.

You talk about the alumni angle in your research, what information have you gotten already from any of the programs recruiting you along those lines?

Some of these schools have very strong alumni bases like Harvard, Duke and Kentucky. People sleep on Kentucky with academics, but Kentucky is pretty up there. Coach Cal is probably one of the best networking people in the entire country, he knows a lot of people. Then Coach K being Coach K, he’s made a name for himself with that too.

How do you feel then at this point with what Coach K and Coach Cal have shared with you along those lines—do you feel a big difference in what they have shared with you on that front?

Not really, that’s why I’m still doing more research on it.


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