EYBL: One On One With Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox, the top wing prospect on the board for Duke in the class of 2016, caught up with TDD at the Nike EYBL event in Hampton, VA this weekend to update his recruiting and more.

Watching you play Kevin, it looks like you’ve lost weight a little bit—are you doing a special diet or something ?

Kevin Knox: No, I’m just watching my diet, making sure I’m not eating too much in fats and I’m watching what I put into my body.

What was the motivation to make those changes?

It’s just part of my diet, I’m really smart about what I eat. A typical meal for me these days is grilled chicken, a sandwich, salad, protein shake and a glass of water—something simple like that and I also eat more throughout the day.

Watching you play tonight it’s obvious you are trying to play a big wing role for your team, so take me through what you are trying to accomplish with how you are playing and how are you looking to develop this spring/summer?

Right now I’m working on my ballhandling, getting more consistent with my decision-making. I shoot a lot each day and I’ve been doing really well in the halfcourt. Overall I think I did well.

Are all the programs recruiting you at this point to be a big wing in their system, or are some recruiting you to also play the 4 in their system?

Every school has told me they want me to play on the wing, that’s the first thing they tell me and a lot of people will also play me at the 4, but for my game, I can play on the wing and down low, I have that all-around game.

Being a Top 10 player your recruitment has been going for a while, what’s the recent communication been like for you with the programs recruiting you?

I talk to pretty much all the coaches recruiting me, all the coaches before this weekend texted me and told me good luck. It’s good they stay in touch with me and I stay in touch with them, that’s really important.

Any of the coaches saying anything new or surprising for you at this point?

No, pretty much every coach says the same things like we want you, here’s how they play, guys they have put in the League.

How about on the friend side, anybody from your class talking with you about playing together in college?

A lot of kids actually that I want to play with them, but I don’t have anything official, I’m not thinking about that. I’m just focusing on me and myself. Everybody is obviously going to want to see a duo and things like that, I talk to kids who obviously want me to play with them, but overall it’s something that they talk to me about, I talk to them about and maybe it’s something that could happen.

Do you have any programs at this point that you think it’s a no-brainer that you want to do an official visit to them before your process is over?

No, not at all. Gotta figure that out with my dad.

As you progress over the summer, what are you really paying attention to from a recruiting perspective ? 

I’m always looking at who is really communicating with me, who is staying in contact on the regular. I don’t want to go to a school with people at my same position and while I don’t mind competing, that’s something I’m looking at. Overall the main thing is just talking with my parents, talking with my family, watching me play, just showing me they are interested.

Based on your analysis so far, do you think you see a clear lane of opportunity to earn playing time at all the programs recruiting you?

Yeah the coaches always tell me that when we talk that nothing’s guaranteed, but all the coaches say I have a really good shot at playing when I get there. I have confidence in that and my abilities.

Which programs at this point have given you insight into their recruiting efforts?

Every school has done that, they talk about their offense and this is how I would play on the wing and down low and what other guys they have coming in. I can play pretty much any position from the 1 through 5, that’s what every coach says.

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