EYBL: One On One With Deng Gak

Having recently picked up a scholarship offer from Duke, 2017 power forward Deng Gak has seen his recruiting take off.  We spoke with Gak at the EYBL event in Hampton for an update.


Let’s talk development plan in college.  You obviously play on a loaded team with PSA and you may do the same in college, what’s  your thought process towards your development in college if you were to play in a similar situation as you are right now with a lot of other talented players?

It’d be good to come in and develop, that’s what I want. I know I need to develop as a player and stuff like that, that’s my mindset going into college. Obviously I want to play, but I want to be developed and then earn my chance.

What's the genesis of that mindset?

I’m not sure, I’m a laid back kinda guy. I know my opportunity is going to come eventually, so I’m not in any rush. I’m just working on developing into a better player and being a good teammate.

How’s things on the communication front with college coaches? 

Yeah, I’ve been speaking with Kansas, I’ve been speaking with Coach K, UCONN coach, they keep in contact with me. That’s been my second or third time that I’ve talked with Coach K.

How different have the conversations been with Coach K each time that you have talked?

He tells me to keep working and he tells me that he knows that between now and when I’m a freshman in college, he knows there’s going to be a huge difference in my game and he tells me to keep working hard on developing.

Has Coach K discussed much with you what their plans are for you both in how they will go about the recruiting process with you and how they would develop you if you were to go there?

Not really.

What kind of questions are you hoping to get answered by the coaches as you process moves forward?

Definitely like do you see me playing, what their plans are for me.

If a program has it as a part of their development plan for you to include possibly redshirting you a year—what is your thought process towards that?

I’m not sure, I haven’t thought about that one yet.

Is it shaping up to be a early or late signing period decision?

I’m still looking at being a fall decision.

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