EYBL: One On One With Wendell Carter

Perhaps the top overall prospect on the board for the Blue Devils in the class of 2017, Wendell Carter, sits down to discuss his recruiting process and what he thinks of playing with another elite big at the next level.


What are your thoughts on setting the Harvard official visit?

It’s a great school, a great academic school, so I’m excited.

Your mom obviously likes Harvard a great deal from her comments, how do you view them?

Harvard kinda speaks for itself, of course.  You kinda have to look basketball because if you get a degree from Harvard, I could pretty much do whatever I wanted to do.

What made you want to set Harvard as the first official visit?

Just what we wanted to do. I’m probably going to want to visit Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Georgia, Cal Berkeley, Kansas and some other schools.

How frequently are you and Mohamed (Bamba) talking about playing together in college?

Yeah we talk a lot about going to college together.  Possibly like with me and Gary (Trent) and how we talk about it. I’m not going to say it’s going to happen, but it’s something we’re looking at. We’re looking at maybe doing the Harvard visit together, possibly Duke too, we’ve talked about it a little bit.

How do you feel about the potential fit if you and Mohamed were to play together in college—what does that even look like in your opinion?

Oh man, I can only imagine if both of us were on the court together. If it does happen, that’d be great. There’s definitely real advantages to us playing together because we both move on the floor well, we’re more than big men who put their backs to the basket. We’re both long, we both defend, we guard, that would be exciting.

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