EYBL: One On One With Marvin Bagley

One of the top overall players in high school basketball, Marvin Bagley, has no shortage of high major programs chasing him. We spoke with Bagley about that, his interest in Duke, and much more.


Looked like it was a tough game tonight Marvin, how are you holding up?

Marvin Bagley: Yeah it was, we just need to learn to finish these games where we’ve lost by one point. Every game we’ve lost has been like that. We have to learn from that.

Playing in a game like that is hard I’m sure, what would you say you learn from experiences like that?

Anything can happen, you can get up and then you can get down again, you just gotta keep playing. All these games we lost, we them back in, gotta get better with that.

You had a great summer last year at the 16U level, how’s the transition going with just playing at the 17U level?

It’s great competition, that’s why I’m here, it’s great being able to compete with these guys.

What was it like for you going through the process with Sierra Canyon and getting the weight off your shoulders of getting cleared there?

It’s great being able to know that I can go play there next year. I’m looking forward to it, there’s a lot of guys coming back from the team last year, we should be good.

June 15th is right around the corner when coaches can start calling you directly, how are you approaching that process?

Like I said, I’m just trying to get better, college is so far down the road. It’ll be great to talk with the coaches. I’m just trying to enjoy it. I’m not worrying about the recruiting process at this point.

You obviously got a ton of early offers; did you make any effort on your part to talk with any of the coaches since then?

I’m not thinking about college right now, I’m not worried about. I’m just thinking about EYBL and how we can win this next game.

So let’s talk about playing in high school and preparing for college, how are you trying to develop to get ready for college?

Honestly I’m focusing on mastering the smaller things, I want to be able to do things from all over so that they are second nature when I play. I try to watch guys in college and in the NBA to see how they play and take things from their game and add them to my game.

You mentioned watching Brandon Ingram this year, what did you think about his development and how he played this past season?

He’s a great player, very versatile and I know Coach K and Coach Capel coached him and he’s a great player.

Is the Ingram/Durant type of role how you want to play in college?

Whatever the coach needs and wherever he puts me for the good of the team I’ll do it. You just gotta talk to the coaches and figure out what they need me to do and that’s what I want to do.

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