EYBL: One On One With Hamidou Diallo

The top ranked backcourt prospect holding an offer from Duke in the class of 2017 is Hamidou Diallo. We caught up with the explosive scoring guard this past weekend to discuss his recent contact with Coach K’s program and where his recruitment is headed.


You mentioned last week that you’ve noticed a difference in the types of pitches between programs like Duke and Kentucky, have you formed an opinion on those differences?

Hamidou Diallo:  Honestly I would say I haven’t gotten a feel yet because I haven’t been up to their campuses, I haven’t been around them a lot yet. I’m just kinda enjoying the process and hearing it out from every program that’s recruiting me. It’s been a blessing so far.

There’s a lot of fan and media discussion about how strong some programs recruiting you may or may not be, do you have a comment?

Right now there’s no program that I’m leaning towards at all, I’m just enjoying my process right now and I’m still wide open.

Style of play in college is something that’s dictated in part by who colleges are bringing in with their classes. How much are you either discussing or paying attention to who these programs recruiting you are looking at bringing in?

Honestly I haven’t really looked at that too much, I’m just worried about finishing up the summer and getting through this EYBL and then towards the fall and winter, then I’ll start talking to coaches and start figuring out what coaches would want me to do if I went there.

How would you feel if a program recruiting you wanted to bring you in at the same time as another two or combo guard, maybe one who is different from your style of play?

If they are a school that I really want to go to, I’m willing to do whatever the coach wants me to do. I just want to go out there and play hard and the rest of it will take care of itself.

You mentioned earlier you would look to start talking more with coaches in the fall and winter, does that mean that you aren’t talking with them as much right now?

I’m definitely talking to coaches, I’m talking to a lot of coaches right now. Like I said earlier, I’m just going through the process and feeling everybody out.

Duke offered you awhile back, what’s the communication been like with them since the offer came?

They’ve been contacting me pretty much since the offer was given, a lot of schools have been contacting me a lot, they’ve been contacting me too.

How different has the message been from the Duke staff each time that you and them have talked?

Just basically we’re trying to get to know each other, that’s really what’s it been. I’m getting a feel for them and I think they are getting a better feel for me. It’s just honestly a blessing, that’s all I can really say.

Is this the first time that you’ve ever given any real thought process towards Duke and Kentucky, or are they programs that you’ve thought about prior to them starting to recruit you?

I mean I’ve heard about them but I haven’t really given a thought process towards any school yet actually. I’m just still enjoying the process.

Have you given any thought to potential recruiting timelines?

Honestly I don’t have any timetable, just feeling things out right now.

Do you consider yourself to be a one-and-done guy when it comes to college?

Right now I haven’t really thought about it much, but that’s the goal.

Who in your estimation would you say does a good job with players with similar games?

Every program has one and done, so you can’t just have interest in that. There’s a lot of guys that play the way I play my game at different schools, so I wouldn’t be able to point out all the schools because I could point out like 20 schools that have a guy that either plays like me or was one and done.

You mentioned you are actively talking with Coach Crean at Indiana to try and line up a visit, are there any other programs that you are actively working on trying to setup a visit?

There’s a bunch of programs, if I tried to give you all of them I’d honestly forget all of them, haha.

How about some then?

Alright, I’d say Providence, Kentucky, UCONN, Duke, Kansas, Arizona, St John’s, this is hard, who else, North Carolina, Oregon, and I got 20 more I can’t remember.

How are you then at this point trying to figure out who potentially gets a visit first?

As of right now, I’m just worried about playing in the EYBL, after the EYBL I’ll sit down with my inner circle and we’ll think about this, right now I really don’t know.

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