Quade Green Goes In-Depth On Duke

There’s little doubt that Duke needs to pursue a point guard in the class of 2017.  One of the more intriguing options is Philadelphia standout Quade Green.  The five star prospect will visit Duke soon and spoke with TDD about what the Blue Devils want to see in order to offer.


What sparked the decision for you and Mohamed (Bamba) to schedule the upcoming visit to Kentucky?

Quade Green:  Coach Munch really set that up for us because both of us had Kentucky in our recruitments so we might as well go visit them.

How much do you think where Mohamed’s recruitment is headed is going to affect your recruitment and how you go about it?

Oh man, his recruitment is way better than mine man and that’s ok. He’s a 7-footer, he’s going to be a pro one day. We talk about it and you know everybody kinda has that edge when it comes to their rankings, so we talk about that sometimes. Other than that we’re real cool together, he’s my buddy, my best friend.

You hear guys like Wendell Carter and Gary Trent talking about playing together in college potentially—are you and Mohamed doing that at all?

No, I wouldn’t say that, but there’s a lot of people I might have a chance to go play with, but Mo for sure is one of them.

Aside from Kentucky, what other visits do you have lined up or are in the process of being planned ?

I don’t know what he has, but I’m visiting Duke after the CP3 Camp, I think that’s after this week, next week I think. Coach K and Coach Capel and Coach James talked with me about it and I’m already down there in North Carolina, my family is from Durham actually.

Based on your communication with the Duke staff, where would you say things are with you and them in your recruitment?

I’ve been talking to the whole coaching staff really, they’ve been calling me and we’ve been contacting each other—it’s been great talking with them.

What have they have been communicating with you about specifically if you don’t mind me asking since a firm scholarship offer has not been extended by them as of yet?

I've got to take my SAT first and I have to also put in my transcripts in first. They want to see my transcripts. They need to see my grades first before they offer me. I’m hoping to get that together with my school. I told my principal that I needed those to be turned in and my mom has been talking with them about that too. It’s been going on for a long time.

Is Duke’s message then take your time and let the recruiting process develop?

Yeah, but you also can’t take too much time, you can’t do that too long. Everybody is committing early, so you never know when you are going to be ready to go. I’m trying to.

Are you expecting a Duke offer when you get a chance to visit them?

Hopefully. It’s Duke man, it’s always going to be a big offer, it’s a big thing for them to offer.

Do you feel like you have some more information you need to learn, whether it be with Duke or any other program?

Yeah, it’s up in the air right now, all in the air. My mom is helping me with this. She talks with a lot of the coaches.

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