USA Camp: One on one with Mohamed Bamba

One of the most unique players in the class of 2017 is five star big man Mohamed Bamba.  Though he’s sidelined with an injury at Team USA Camp, we had a chance to sit with him and get the latest on his recruiting process.

Is it hard not being out there?

Mohamed Bamba:  It truly is. I remember watching Session Four of the EYBL and watching a team go up against Marvin Bagley and it was hard seeing them shoot shots that I would normally be taking. But we persevered and we won, so I was excited about that and that we won, but it’s tough not being out there. People keep saying this is going to be the only time for awhile that I’m not going to be super busy, so after Friday things are going to be more crazy as I push myself to get back to the way I was. I can’t compete against others for another two weeks, but Friday I started individual workouts. It’s just time right now.

So from your role as a scout, who has stood out here?

Man, Markelle (Fultz) has looked really good, he was making shots from all over. Then Hamidou (Diallo) for sure, he’s come out of his shell and we’ve been talking about how important it is he plays hard because here at USA it’s going to be harder with all the guys here. He’s talking on defense, being active on both ends and it’s just really great to see him doing that and I tell him that since we’re roommates. I give him a few pointers and my brothers does too. Another person that’s been really impressive has been Quade (Green). He’s just been doing the same stuff he’s been doing on the EYBL circuit with dropping dimes and making the games easier for his teammates.

You’ve got some friends here with you, how has that been?

Oh yeah it’s great and what people don’t see or know about Hamidou and I is we literally came up together and we even played on the same team for awhile with the Jayhawks. I was very raw, not what we were now and me Hamidou definitely parted ways awhile back but it’s great that we ended up being in the same position now, so it’s cool seeing him have success and be at that same point that I am.

How much do you guys discuss each of your recruiting processes with each other?

I just listen in on what the coaches are telling him, it’s very similar. Hamidou is a very talented dude.

How are what the coaches saying similar with him as to what they are saying to you?

Yeah it’s as far as like talking about their recruiting pitches which are similar with some like some of tell you about their family atmosphere and how they always take care you, then there’s other who say we want you for four years and then there’s others who will say something different.

How much is what is happening with either Quade’s or Hamidou’s recruitments affecting your recruiting process?

I think everybody’s recruiting process affects mine, I read about it and I watch videos of it, so it really does affect it like I’ve been telling people like who is going to be there and who is coming in with me, that’s a huge deal with my process.

There seems to be coordination happening with you and Wendell Carter on the upcoming Harvard visit, do you guys do that with anybody else?

I don’t think we’re going to do that together actually.  We’re going to do a visit, he seems to be pretty serious about Harvard and I am too. I don’t think it was the plan to go on that visit together.

Along those lines, how much are you getting into details with the coaches recruiting you on what’s happening with their recruiting situations?

Oh yeah, pretty much every time when you ask them like who is going to be there when you get to college, one of the things they will talk about is who they are recruiting in 2017. Part of it is just getting to know these guys.

Wendell mentioned that the last time the Duke staff visited him on an in-home that they laid out a pretty comprehensive plan for his time at Duke if he were to go there, have they had any kind of conversation with you along those lines?

No I haven’t done any in-home visits but they have kinda painted a picture, they’ve kinda mentioned that Coach K calls me a basketball player when it comes to in regards to positions. Being positionless can be good or bad like for instance, you could be a 6’4 or 6’5 and be a power forward so you are positions in that situation but you could also be positionless by being 6’11 who could play all 5 positions.

So realistically for you with Duke, do you have any sort of insight or opinion on what you think it looks like for you to play there?

Uh no, I don’t know what it’s going to look like, but hopefully they can paint the picture and hopefully we’ll see.


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