USA: One on one with Wendell Carter

The top target on the board in the class of 2017, Wendell Carter, will once again be representing Team USA this summer.  We spoke with the five star Georgia prospect to get the latest on his recruitment and his making the team.

How’s the recruiting process been going, Wendell?

It’s been going good, trying to see what school fits me the best. It’s a lot of fun seeing what the different schools can offer me, will help me in making my choice.

What has been fun for you with learning about the schools?

Background, things they have done in the past, what they are going to do for me if I do go there, I just like it.

With how you are thinking about your recruiting process, have you heard anything really helpful from the coaches that has helped you see who they are and how you potentially fit there?

I usually have found that stuff out during the visits, but I don’t want to say that I don’t believe what the coaches are saying because they can tell you whatever they want, once I go to a school and see things with my own eyes, that’s when I really believe it. Harvard is going to be my first official visit in the fall, I don’t have a date lined up, but that’s going to be my first one.

That’s going to be with you and Mohamed Bamba right?

Yep. We talk about possibly playing together in college because both of us are big on academics, so it’s a possibility.

What are your thoughts on the basketball situation at Harvard with Coach Amaker and the way they do things in that program?

I’ve got a great relationship with Coach Amaker. Coach K talks highly of him, a lot of coaches actually talk highly of him, Coach Cal does. I have a great relationship with him. Chris Lewis who is going there this fall and he tells me how great of a person he is. It’s going good.

What are your thoughts about the level that Harvard plays?

It’s kinda like my high school. We’re a small, 2A private school who doesn’t play much in terms of high level teams, but this year coming up we’re going to be doing a lot of out of state tournaments against a lot of big name schools, so hopefully I can bring that kind of culture to Harvard to be a basketball school.

Which events are you playing in with your high school team next year ?

Yeah, I’m going to be in the Lighthouse in Mississippi, the Chick-fil-A Classic, City of Palms and that one in Massachusetts, the HoopHall Classic. I don’t know who we are matching up against.

Can I ask you about your perspective on the last Duke in-home visit with you?  What did you learn in that setting and how did it go from your perspective?

It was good, Coach Capel told me a lot of things I didn’t know about Duke. We talked about, like I knew that it was a great academic school, but he told me how rigorous the actual academics are for the basketball players, the type of schedule they are, he just told me a lot by taking me on the inside of what you typically look at from the outside.

For you, is that a comfortable situation for you now that you have received that presentation from Coach Capel?

Oh yes.  Definitely. 

Is you knowing what’s happening with the schools recruiting you on what their recruiting situations are with other guys…is that going to play a major part in your decision ?

The most important thing is going to be academics, that’s going to be the biggest thing for sure and then how great of a relationship do I have with the coach—that’s going to be the two top things for me. I don’t really pay attention to who else they are recruiting.

Can you give me a compare and contrast on your thoughts on the Duke academics situation versus the Harvard academic opportunities?

I kinda relate them a lot because I know Duke isn’t on Harvard’s level all the way, but they are pretty good, they are both pretty good academically. Of course Harvard is in the Ivy League, but I hear a lot of good things about Duke’s academics.

From a relationship perspective, where you would you say you with that with Coach Amaker versus the Duke staff?

About the same, I talk to them on and off.

How does it get sorted out for you in your process with talking with Coach Amaker knowing that he played and coached at Duke?

Coach K actually talks about him all the time and Coach Amaker talks about Coach K all the time. They are real close to each other and Coach K even told me that if I didn’t go to Duke, he really wants me to go to Harvard, that’s how close they are.

How’d you feel about that message?

It shows that they aren’t trying to use me, they want me to come in and help me get to the next level.

Any other steps with visits?

Just that first official visit to Harvard, I don’t know what’s going on after that.

What led you to want to schedule that official visit first and not really schedule any more at this point?

Just wanted to set the tone for the rest of my recruitment and the coaches talking to me that I am serious about potentially going to Harvard.

Are you shaping up to be a spring signee like Kevin Knox wants to be?

Yeah, probably the same. It’ll probably be late.

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